What are the common symptoms of early epilepsy?

Friends should all know, epilepsy disease is a kind of neurological chronic disease, with modern medicine for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, epilepsy control is also easy to do a lot, but we need to find early, and can do a good job in prevention and treatment, then, how to find the epilepsy disease at the earliest possible time,

Let’s take a look at the early symptoms of epilepsy, and see if we can help our patients find this disease earlier.

Early symptoms of epilepsy Epilepsy in the early days, there may be some physical discomfort: abdominal discomfort, dizziness, palpitations, body local tic, the patient suddenly delirious, screaming, falling, pupil scattered, light reflection disappears, thumb inside, legs into, foot inside, breath pause, facial expression from pale to cyanosis, eyes upside down,

The mouth foaming, will mix with the voice of the sheep!

Epilepsy patients with the longer the longer there will be the expression of absence, for example, the patient is constantly appearing this absence of the situation, that is, the patient’s eyes in staring at an object or two eyes on the upside, the sudden interruption of speech, the hands of things fell to the ground and so on, this is the pre-onset symptoms of epilepsy.

Characteristics of seizures Epilepsy localized seizures (simple seizures): the performance of a certain part of the rhythm of the body, lasting several seconds, general unconscious loss, but if found or treatment is not, can also develop into a large seizure, clinical epilepsy common symptoms are: sudden loss of consciousness, hair flutter, limbs twitching, mouth foaming or mouth strange call,

Wake up as a normal human main manifestations, recurrent seizures. Epilepsy Generalized seizures: sudden loss of consciousness, apnea, foaming at the mouth, the pupil scattered, two eyes on or oblique side, the limbs ankylosis, clenched fists began to twitch.

Seizures continue for 1-5 minutes, after the seizure consciousness or lethargy, after a few hours sober. Epilepsy disease found the earlier the easier to treat, to early detection of early treatment, according to the early symptoms of epilepsy can be diagnosed early, timely and effective treatment to achieve a more ideal treatment results, improve the quality of life, especially children or adolescents with epilepsy on the children of the harm greater, seriously affect the child’s intellectual development and learning, may even cause the child to be autistic or the body and mind causes the harm to form inferiority, does not love the speech does not love to make the friend, affects the normal interpersonal intercourse and the life.