What is the best food for diabetes?

According to the World Health Organization, the number of diabetic patients in China accounts for 9.4% of the total population, that is, nearly 130 million people. What is even more worrying is that every two adults have a great risk of getting diabetes in the future. Usually also emphasize, want to control good blood sugar, want to “tube mouth”. But to eat a lot, do not eat a lot. The sugar friends complained that they couldn’t remember.

summed up the views of the people, the Chinese health Network summed up a simple, convenient memory of the daily diet for everyone’s reference.
1 bags of milk Milk and dairy products can provide high-quality protein, and the effect on blood sugar is small, is the ideal food for diabetic patients.

“Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents” recommended that you should drink 1 bags (about 300 ml) of milk a day.

If you have high blood lipids, you can choose low-fat or skim milk. If after drinking milk, easy to diarrhea or belly swelling, you can try to soothe milk or yogurt.

However, we should pay attention to the content of sugar added in yogurt, as far as possible to choose less sugar products.

If you do not like milk, less sugar or sugar-free soy milk is also very good.

Although the calcium content is much less than milk, but soy milk calories low, protein content and milk still have a spell.
200 grams of fruit For sugar friends with poor glycemic control, don’t eat fruit first.

If you can control the blood sugar, eat some fruit is to give yourself a reward. Different varieties of fruit, the effect on blood sugar is different, sugar content is not the same. You should try to choose a variety that has a small effect on blood sugar and a low sugar content.

Moreover, want to control blood sugar, eat fruit can not too much, every day to 100~200 grams as well, and preferably can be eaten in sub-times. Take the usual winter fruit to tell the story. Citrus, apples, oranges have a moderate effect on blood sugar, with a minimum of 200 grams of weight. Hawthorn, Mango, winter jujube, persimmon and other fruits, the effect on blood sugar is not recommended to eat.

If it is really greedy, eat less, a certain amount of control.
3 servings of high-quality protein

Diabetics often decompose proteins to provide energy because their body’s ability to use glucose decreases. If the protein intake is insufficient, it is prone to wasting. At this point, it is particularly important to ensure adequate protein intake.

Sugar friends every day to ensure that 3 of high-quality protein intake, high-quality protein including lean meat, fish, eggs and so on. How much is 1 servings of protein?

1 servings of protein equals 12 pork, or 22 fish, or 1 eggs. However, if the kidney function is impaired, you need to consult a doctor or dietitian.

Adjust the amount of protein you specify per day, depending on the situation. In the selection of meat, you can simply remember: four legs than two legs, two legs than no legs.

This means that egg milk and fish can be preferred as a premium protein supplement, and poultry meat is better than pork and beef.
4 Bowl staple “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese residents,” recommended daily eat 250~400 grams of potato (raw weight) food. The weight mentioned here is heavy, cooked, probably is a day to eat 3 ~ 4 rice bowls so much quantity. Potatoes, pumpkin, lotus root, sweet potatoes, etc., in fact, can also be counted in the staple food. These staple foods are to be evenly distributed over a day of meals.

For example, the ratio of early to late is roughly 1:2:1. If you need to control blood sugar, it is recommended to choose a variety of whole grains, yam, miscellaneous beans as a staple food.

Strive for coarse grains, miscellaneous beans accounted for about half of the staple food.

Whole grain grains: japonica rice, barley, oats, corn, brown, black rice, barley, buckwheat, millet, millet, Huang mi, sorghum, barley and so on.

Yam: Sweet potatoes, purple potatoes, taro, potatoes.

Miscellaneous beans: Mung beans, red beans, lentils, kidney beans.

Whole grain products: whole wheat flour, whole oats, naked oats noodles, cornmeal, buckwheat flour and so on.

Starch-like vegetables: pumpkin, lotus root, Yam and so on. Note: The same kind of food, the longer you cook, the faster your blood sugar rises after eating. When cooking staple food, do not cook too long, can do cooked rice do not boil porridge, jihuo boiled, less add water.

This is more helpful in controlling blood sugar.
500 grams of vegetables

Vegetable energy is low, contains less sugar, rich in dietary fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals, is conducive to control postprandial blood sugar, is also good for preventing high blood pressure and hyperlipidemia. If you can eat more than 500 grams of vegetables a day, in the control of postprandial blood sugar at the same time, but also to help people to increase satiety feeling.

In addition, deep green vegetables can best be accounted for in half, but also help to supplement calcium well. In addition, vegetables in the cucumber, tomatoes is a good choice of snacks.

When hungry, you might as well eat a cucumber, or eat a tomato, alleviate the feeling of hunger, and not like cookies and cakes and other desserts such as heavy oil heavy sugar. Tips: According to the “China Diabetes Medicine Nutrition Treatment Guide” and “American Diabetes Association Diabetes Treatment Guide”, diabetic diet has a few definite restrictions: according to individual situation, limit the total energy, limit the intake of saturated fatty acids and trans-fatty acids, such as fat, animal oil, crisp pastry, fried food, etc. smoking cessation wine Salt; avoid sugary drinks and foods that contain people’s rebellious fatty acids. Sugary beverages include soft drinks, juices and more. Synthetic trans-fatty acids are common in sandwich biscuits, crisp biscuits, cream cakes, French fries, fried chicken, fried dough sticks and other processed foods.