one thumb or middle finger is placed in the

by wind Pool: Sitting position, one thumb or middle finger is placed in the wind pool point, from the light gradually focus pressure, and then use kneading method to gently knead clockwise, until the acupoint local feeling of acid swelling comfort for the degree. In the kneading process, gently turn the neck.

Usually 1 ~ 2 minutes to complete the massage.

Rub the days of the Pope: Sitting, active relaxation of the neck muscles, with the thumb in the affected side of the point of the day to rub 1 ~ 2 minutes, to shoulder acid swelling, weakness of the upper limb for degrees.

When rubbing slowly turn the neck, rotation range from small to large, can feel the neck relaxed, pain relief, the head of the range of activities increased.

Press Pain point:

In the neck to find the most obvious pain point of tenderness, first with thumb fingers on the pain point on the soft rubbing, strength to be gentle and uniform, and then fixed finger abdomen on the pain point on the pressure for 1-2 minutes, strength from light to heavy, to withstand the degree.

Side Wrench Neck: The patient takes the seat, the initiative will the neck muscle relaxes, the medical person first to lift the neck and the shoulder tense muscle, makes it gradually relaxes, and with the neck makes the gentle rotation, shakes the frequency, in the neck micro forward to the position, rapidly to the suffering side increases the rotation amplitude to make the method, causes it to issue “the card slightly” the bomb The demand is steady and fast, and the range of rotation should be within the limit of the patient’s tolerance.

This method is suitable for those with more severe symptoms.

Pinch points: After the selection of Brook, Zhu, and other points, with the Thumb claw first press on the Back creek cavity, frequent shaking fingers, and then separately pinch the Zhu, the missing. Strength from light gradually weight, so that the feeling of acid and hemp swelling upward diffusion, and finally make induction radiation to the neck of the curative effect is better, each point 1 minutes.