or the end of the toe kick underground

Sinusitis self-healing method to the reflex area (or the end of the toe kick underground, walls can be)-nose, frontal sinus (focusing on the thumb and the third finger strengthening), upper body lymph glands, urinary system.

1. Frontal sinus (reflective area with cross): At the end of the five-foot toe of the foot, just below the toenails.

The massage direction is a massage from the bottom up.

2. Nose (reflective area with cross): At the end of the toe of the foot of feet.

The massage method is to fasten the bone margin and then slide the massage.

3. Chest lymph glands: Is the lymph gland switch, located between the feet of the foot of the big toe and toes between the sunken place. The direction of the massage is pushed from the outside toward the heel.

Lymphatic fluid in the lymph glands in the body responsible for vascular and vascular connection, but also in the intestine to suck fat and transport fat work, lymphatic ball more can eat bacteria, enhance resistance.

4. Upper body lymph glands: The inside of the instep feet, above the ankle, with a sunken feel when touching with the hand. The massage should be pushed from the outside toward the inside direction. Massage the upper lymph glands on the navel above the organs of all inflammation can achieve anti-inflammatory analgesic effect.