With the right hand middle finger abdomen presses

Knead Yintang: With the right hand middle finger abdomen presses in the Yintang point, with the index finger side presses on the right side to save the bamboo point (eyebrow inner end), to the ring finger end presses on the left side to save the bamboo cavity, three fingers simultaneously presses the counterclockwise direction to knead 100 under.

Point to greet incense: Use the side of the index finger end of both hands, at the same time press on the bilateral Ying Xiang Acupoint, and click each 50 under.

Liao: With the right hand palm (Lao gong), press on the tip of the nose (vegetarian liao), rub 50 counter-clockwise direction, and then use the left hand palm by the tip of the nose clockwise rub 50.

Rubbing nose side: hands gassho, hands large thenar near the end of the nose root on both sides, from the Yintang to the lips to push rub 50.

Peck bearing weeping, four white points: with both hands middle finger end, with the bird peck bearing weep point (eyeball straight under the orbital lower margin) four white point (under the 1 inch, under the cave) each 50.

Bath Surface: Rub the hands until the palms are hot, then rub the face with both hands, including nose, forehead and cheek. Finally, you can also use Astragalus 15 grams, jujube 10 grams, fried water to take, two times a day, can enhance the body immunity, reduce the onset of chronic rhinitis, and the above massage method received “internal and external treatment” effect.