life we must do a good job of sunscreen, because

In life we must do a good job of sunscreen, because too much ultraviolet radiation on our skin health is very unfavorable, and even induce the emergence of disease.

So how do you choose sunscreen in your daily life?

1, check the waterproof effect of sunscreen It is very important to choose the right sunscreen, and it is important to check the water resistance of the sunscreen, because it is a good way to avoid sun protection in rainy days. Good sunscreen even when you travel in rainy days, the rain fell on the face, back even after the face has not been smeared, of course, this is only an analogy, you can apply evenly on the hand of the hand, and then drip a few drops, water is still the shape of droplets.

The longer the shape of the water droplets has not changed, indicating that the sunscreen waterproof effect is better.

2, check the anti-penetration effect of sunscreen Sunscreen anti-permeability test is also very necessary, the natural isolation of sunscreen rub on the face will be thin and the outside world, the skin to play a better protective effect. Both breathable and good permeability, that is, it does not expand with the skin pores and penetrate into the skin, this is a good sunscreen.

If you rub the sunscreen after the skin will have a faint pain, indicating that it has entered the pores, is inferior products!

3. Choose sunscreen with sun protection factor Sunscreen coefficient is not too low and not too high, too low sunscreen effect is not obvious, too high will cause pores clogging, generally choose about 40 or so can.

There are also some isolation cream, foundation products also have a very good sunscreen effect, but the choice must pay attention to its sun-proof coefficient, too small is not effective.

4, try to choose a high brand, good reputation sunscreen

Generally I buy things like to buy brand, even if the price will be slightly more expensive, after all, in today’s materialistic era, what a variety of products are flooded with the background of the market, good brand and word-of-mouth products are accepted by all, especially the sunscreen on the face, but also a penny a cent of the goods!

5, according to the skin quality to choose For sensitive skin, choose a mild or botanical sunscreen.

Skin quality is different than the body of food to eat different, people are born with their own different skin, if you do not know your skin, you can participate in some of the online skin test questions, different skin quality according to the guide to choose different types of sunscreen.

How to use sun cream

1. Re-apply Sunscreen Sweat or towel wipe will reduce the effect of sunscreen, repeated smear is not to get new protection, but to maintain the sunscreen effect.

Any care, even water, as long as the cover on the sun will affect the function of sunscreen, so after swimming or sweating must be coated with sunscreen.

2. Avoid going out at noon UVB radiation intensity at midday can be as high as 150 times times sooner or later.

So avoid going out at noon can play a role in self-protection.

3. Generous use of sunscreen Sunscreen protection depends not only on the sunscreen composition and coefficient, but also on the thickness and uniformity of the wiping. Moisturizing products with fat-soluble, if covered in sunscreen, will dilute or dissolve the sunscreen ingredients, so that the sun loses function. Sunscreen ingredients can penetrate other products and be absorbed by the skin.