has entered every household, and become a part of

Foot bath as a convenient way of health, has entered every household, and become a part of people’s lives.

However, the elderly foot bath should pay attention to the following points, today’s small series for everyone to inventory the ten taboos of TCM foot therapy!

A taboo over the use of soap Do not overuse soap in the foot bath.

Because excessive use of soap is easy to wash off the sebum secretion of sebaceous glands, so that the foot skin dry, especially the elderly should pay attention to.

Two bogey foot bath when the wind Old people generally like to wash hot feet, there are many old people also like hot water scalding feet, full body out of permeable only feel comfortable.

But at this point must pay attention to the wind, or not only cause colds, but also cause leg pain, become chronically chronic disease.

Three bogey water temperature is too high Wash the water overheating will have trouble, if in the hot water soaked or shower too long, for the elderly, can make the body and limbs of the blood vessels greatly expanded, a large number of blood flow to the surrounding blood vessels, causing transient cerebral ischemia, dizziness, vertigo, nausea and other symptoms, even coma and sudden death.

Therefore, the water temperature should not be too high, preferably equal or slightly lower than the temperature, to 36-37 degrees appropriate.

Four bogey rub the skin vigorously

Someone foot bath like desperately rubbing the skin, causing skin damage, and even bleeding, this gives the skin this natural defense of the human defenses of the ability to decline, in the skin damaged bacteria or viruses will take advantage of.

Five bogey in the water long bubble If the long bubble in the water, the capillary expansion of the skin, easy to cause temporary ischemia of the brain, severe can faint.

The elderly with high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis have the risk of inducing stroke in hot water for a long time.

Six bogey fasting time foot bath

Because the body consumes a lot of calories in the course of the foot bath, the old and middle-aged glycogen reserves are less than the youth, prone to hypoglycemia shock because of low blood sugar.

Seven bogey meal immediately after the foot bath

If the foot bath immediately after meals due to the increase in temperature, hot water stimulation, so that the skin blood vessels swelling, digestive organs in the relative reduction of blood, thereby hindering the digestion and absorption of food.

Eight bogey with alkaline strong soap or a variety of shampoo emulsion foot bath These alkaline chemicals tend to irritate the skin, causing itching and inflammation.

The elderly should use more fat-containing lanolin soap or soap, rub soap and rinse with some water.

Nine bogey in the non-flowing water of the large bath foot bath

This bathing method is not only unsanitary, but also a medium for the transmission of skin diseases, should be abolished.

Ten bogey foot bath too diligent The old people sebaceous glands secretion reduces, the moisturizing ability is poor, the Four Seasons Bath foot frequency should be different, the number of washing foot, generally once a day, because the treatment need also can two times a day, but the elderly should be appropriate every day. If you sweat a lot of labor, you need to take a foot bath at any time. General entry in winter can be once a day, summer two times a day.