A journey begins. The beginning of your baby’s healthy

The old adage Cloud: A journey begins. The beginning of your baby’s healthy life begins with the “tread”. Your new parents, are sure to hope that their baby can have a healthy and beautiful feet, child care experts said, children’s foot is not only a beautiful problem, foot health for the whole baby’s healthy growth process plays a key role, then the child protection foot work must be indispensable.

Now let the child-rearing experts guide the new parents to complete the child foot care work.

4 ways to check your baby’s foot health

1, followed by the detection method Separate the baby’s feet to the width of the shoulder, toe forward (no eight or inside) from the back to see if the heel bone has a pronounced inward or outward tilt.

If you tilt outward, you will be turned out, and so on.

2, Toe detection method Let the baby stand and close both feet to see if the toe is tilted more than 15 degrees to the second toe.

If any, the thumb is valgus.

3. Knee Joint Testing method See if there is an X-shaped foot: Let the baby stand and close the knees, looking at the distance between the two feet is greater than 2 inches.

See if there is an O-leg: Let the baby stand side by side and look at the width of the knees more than 2 inches (about three fingers wide)

4, Foot printing test method

Soak the bottom part of your baby’s foot or rub some talcum powder on the paper to see if the watermark belongs to the left type.

Children’s foot care can prevent other diseases A journey begins with a journey. The beginning of your baby’s healthy life begins with the “tread”.

Medical research has found that children’s foot-care has the effect of improving body resistance and preventing disease attack.

1, foot warmth can reduce the risk of respiratory infection The incidence of recurrent respiratory infection in children is high. Scientific research shows that recurrent respiratory infections associated with foot failure in children, many parents pay attention to the upper body of children, but neglected the foot warmth. It is important to know that the feet are extremities and the blood circulation is poor. A cold foot, will reflect the nasal, pharynx, trachea and other upper respiratory mucosa changes, so that the disease resistance decreased, bacteria multiply. Especially in children, the body temperature Adjustment Center is not perfect, cold resistance, foot activity is less, more likely to cause respiratory diseases.

Parents should do a good job of children’s feet to keep warm, so that they more active limbs, not sedentary, sleep with warm water before washing feet, but also for children foot massage, conducive to growth and development and health, promote sleep.

2. Stimulation of foot acupoint can protect eye According to Meridian Theory, the foot acupoints can not only cure local diseases, but also treat the diseases of meridians and long-distance parts and viscera and tissues. Multi-stimulation foot point can be flat liver nourishing eyes, such as the low-yang gall bladder through the middle of the bright point, the treatment sequelae of blindness, myopia, night blindness and optic atrophy and other eye diseases; foot in the hole can treat myopia, external eye inflammation and so on.

Often consciously duzu or skipping rope, it can stimulate the acupoints, to maintain the blood circulation and meridians unobstructed, so as to give full play to the efficacy of eye care.

3. Massage foot to promote digestion Pediatric Digestive organ function is weak, diet is not festival, often appear indigestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms, and often stimulate the three can play stomach digestion, prevent diarrhea role. The three-foot 3-inch knee is considered “strong” to be a den. Medical research shows that often stimulate the three-li, can make indigestion in children’s stomach acid, pepsin and other digestive enzymes increased rapidly, to ease the smooth muscle of the stomach. For children with infectious diarrhea, often stimulate the three-li, can promote the body secretion containing a large number of polysaccharides of negative bacilli and lysate, can enhance the tongue function of blood cells, play a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, improve disease resistance, digestion, control diarrhea.