a fireball as hot as the ambient temperature

Now in the hot summer, the sun like a fireball as hot as the ambient temperature rises, every afternoon, will feel slow thinking, mental concentration, dizzy attention is not concentrated, sleepy, always want to sleep, but you know, napping not only not to achieve the appearance of the glow-like effect,

Instead, it will make the spirit and skin more tired, then what kind of nap is a healthy and scientific nap? Learn from the small series! According to the survey, most people think that napping is dispensable, really sleepy or go to the bathroom with a cold water wash face, or on the table for a few minutes perfunctory, only a small part of the habit of regular nap, and these persons, and 80% of the people because of improper sleeping, sleep too long or too short to make the NAP quality is greatly discounted , because the high temperature in the summer caused by the blood distribution in the human body caused by poor blood supply, and after a morning of busy work and study, generally feel tired and mentally ill, if the afternoon to take the right nap, will be a timely adjustment of their health,


The work and study in the afternoon is a very good booster role.


To have a healthy nap sleep, you have to know the following points


1. Before the NAP, should eat or not eat greasy food, also do not eat too much support, eat greasy food will make blood viscosity increase, aggravate coronary artery disease, also will make the burden of stomach digestion heavier, also people often say to eat full sleep prone to fat the main reason, affect the quality of lunch break.


2. White-collar workers should take a nap when the pillows, so as to help digestion of gastrointestinal function, but also to prevent snoring. 3. Grasp the time of the NAP, time should not be too long is not too short, to half an hour or so, time too long will enter the deep sleep, after a scientific study of comparative studies found that for most people, nap 10 minutes to 20 minutes is the best effect, if the time is too long, will cause the brain slow awake after waking,


Also causes the brain to enter the sleep state to be very difficult to wake up, this small addendum oneself deep has the experience. Nap in the end how long sleep, is individual, some people get up early in the morning, such as five o’clock in the morning on the rise of people, should be in the afternoon to add one hours of sleep, afternoon nap is human nature, news reports said: Nap 10 minutes, can make people at least two hours of sobriety, nap 30 minutes, can improve alertness, Avoid the danger of fatigue driving, the effect is comparable to drink Red Bull. Therefore, if the afternoon sleepy want to take a nap, should try to sleep early, strong playing spirit to endure no meaning, but will make the afternoon work mood becomes a mess, nap sleep too long, wake up half an hour will have a slight headache, general weakness, this is “sleep inertia” caused.


Time too long nap only applicable to supplement the night before the sleep, the real healthy nap should not exceed half an hour, otherwise it is easy to disrupt the physiological clock, affect the night normal sleep.


4. Be sure to set up the alarm clock before going to bed, this is very critical, many people worry about whether they will oversleep and the brain can not sleep, the precious sleep time will be wasted, so set a point to wake up the alarm clock, will eliminate this faint fear of the heart, so that the peace of mind and fast into sleep state. 5. Office workers often can not go home at noon, perfect nap should find a light, relatively quiet a place, so the workers can prepare an eye patch, earplugs to eliminate interference, recharge.


Drink a cup of coffee before bedtime, the refreshing effect of coffee will often start in 20 minutes, so drink a cup of coffee before going to bed, wake up when the role of coffee just started to refresh, then go to the bathroom with a cool wash face, will feel the whole person is refreshing.


6. Nap wake up to appropriate activities, slowly stand up, drink a cup of warm water, add blood volume, dilute the viscosity of blood, and then go to the bathroom to clean up facial hair, do not immediately engaged in miscellaneous work.


7. People with insomnia symptoms remember not to take a nap, because the evening is not easy to sleep, afternoon nap will make the night’s mental state more excited, will aggravate the pain of night difficult to sleep.


8. Because the body in sleep will relax muscle, capillary expansion, sweat pores open, prone to colds or other diseases, so in the NAP, to avoid air conditioning, fan directly to the body, do not nap at the Tuyere, easy to wake up after the body discomfort. 9. The habit of napping is to persevere, because the habit of napping will disturb the physiological clock.