neck is a common daily symptom, wake up

What can I do to recover after stiff neck? Stiff neck is a common daily symptom, wake up in the morning to find the neck stiff, painful, this or stiff neck, stiff neck affect our lives and work, how to quickly treat stiff neck? How can we recover from the stiff neck? Do not know how many friends sleep when it is stable? It should be very rare, according to a new study,

that the average person is less secure after falling asleep. And this kind of instability, in fact, is often a manifestation of our brains running. But on the other hand, this is not stable, many times will also cause our physical discomfort, such as stiff neck, which is one of the most prone to symptoms. When we appear stiff neck, it is very uncomfortable, sometimes the neck can not move at all. Of course, this is not to say that after stiff neck, our necks will become unable to move, but after stiff neck, we are not willing to turn the neck, because a turn neck will be painful.

So, what can we do to recover after stiff neck? 1. Massage method: Patients sitting, family left hand to hold the patient’s forehead, the right thumb or the other four fingers (thumb in the left, four fingers in the right) are placed on both sides of the neck of the large tendons, top-down or bottom-up by rubbing or rubbing several times. Then hold the item after the two sides of the large tendons will be the patient head forward, back, left and right, the technique from light to heavy, from slow to fast. Or the patient’s own thumb placed on the same side of the neck, the remaining four fingers placed on the opposite side, from top to bottom, from the bottom to rub can also, pay attention to knead tenderness point.

Repeated for about 15 minutes, the pain can be relieved quickly. 2, massage method Two: You can first use the finger Press, pinch the neck pain area, turn the neck, and then the back of the wooden comb, dip in the red flower oil or the pain area gently scraping a scrape, or use a staff in the pain gently rolling a few; finally take a hot towel to apply the neck, heat to endure the appropriate,

The stiff neck symptoms will soon be relieved. 3. Cupping method: In the neck tenderness is most obvious, the selection of the appropriate caliber of the tank with suction, about 15 minutes, the pain of stiff neck has a mitigating effect.