suck coolness, eat sour sweet food feel specia

“Doctor, you look at my teeth groove ditch, suck coolness, eat sour sweet food feel special acid, is not decayed?” But I brush my teeth every day.

I took out a tooth model and toothbrush to allow the patient to simulate brushing, and found that the patient basically was brushing horizontally.

I immediately stop, and then brush down, my model teeth are to be painted broken.
Brushing too vigorously, grinding the

Those “ditch ditch” is not tooth decay, is “very serious” to brush teeth in the transverse grinding bad.

“Ditch ditch” generally in the teeth near the site of the gum, that is, the tooth neck, a “V” shape, medically known as wedge-shaped defects.

The main cause of wedge-shaped defects is the long-term transverse brushing, brushing too hard, toothbrush hair is too stiff. The structure of the tooth neck is relatively weak, which is prone to damage when external forces invade.

Gum Groove acidic substances long-term role in the tooth neck, or often eat acidic food, drink carbonated drinks, tooth neck is prone to corrosion, there is a defect. In addition, the tooth neck is a concentrated area of bite force stress.

When occlusal, the strength concentrates in the tooth neck, the long-term chewing makes the tooth easy to fatigue, the tooth neck appears destroys.

If you add the wrong way of brushing your teeth, it will make the neck of your fragile teeth worse.

The teeth at the corners of the mouth are most susceptible to injury

Wedge-shaped defects are generally prone to teeth near the corners of the mouth, because the teeth in this place are hard to brush.

If there is a tooth near the corners of the mouth is not neat, protruding, then more unfortunate, this tooth “the first”, the strength is greater, the resulting “ditch ditch” is also deeper and wider.

After the defect, the light performance of the teeth on the cold and hot acid sweet sensitive, heavy will cause pulp inflammation, periapical inflammation and other diseases.

If there is a “ditch ditch”, you should see the dentist in time. In the absence of symptoms, special treatment is generally not required.

Mild symptoms, generally with desensitization treatment can be. For the more serious defect, if the pulp is not injured, can be repaired with resin filling.

If the pulp has been damaged, it can only “kill the nerves” and do root canal treatment.
Don’t want to have a long little groove on the tooth, do it

Do not want to have teeth on the long ditch ditch, you must master the correct way of brushing:

Brush tilt 45 degrees, placed at the intersection of teeth and gums, gently flutter around, each tooth surface to brush, but also note that brush the front teeth, the need to brush the lower teeth, the teeth down brush. Try to choose soft toothbrush, eat acidic food and drink carbonated drink to timely gargle, but not immediately brushing, this is very important point.

Because these acidic components tend to corrode teeth, that is, to let the teeth take off calcium, if immediately brushing teeth, will wear teeth, more detrimental to protect the teeth. Finally, if you have a horizontal dragsaw brushing habits, hurriedly change, although such brushing saves time worry, but this is the teeth of the “invisible Killer.” From now on, brush your teeth in the right way.