our ancestors invented the pot, from this pot

About 10,000 years ago, our ancestors invented the pot, from this pot became one of our most commonly used kitchenware, but also derived from a lot of “brothers and sisters”, such as ceramic pot, pressure cooker, non-stick pot, wok …

In addition to cooking food, the pot now has a new use-for “back.”

Recently, the small series heard such rumors: The pot is not used properly is eating poison!

Until one day, saw an article-the pot is not good, with the wrong is the equivalent of eating poison!

Sounds a bit scary, but this “pot”, the pot is definitely not back to the ~ because indeed if the pot is not used properly, some harmful substances will enter the body with food.
In this pot, you’re eating poison.


If you buy a wok that is particularly prone to rust, pay attention.

Pot in the process of rust, will produce harmful substances, if with a rusty pot to stir-fry, it is conceivable that the harmful substances where to go ~ The iron pot is prone to rust, and it releases harmful substances from the body during the rust process.

Cooking for a long time in the pot, will lead to these harmful substances into food, become a major danger to health.


Do not iron pot for a long time, although you have the wok with edible oil soaked to protect it does not rust, but jiabuzhu long time soup, the high temperature is likely to dissolve the protective layer; Iron pot is best not to cook mung bean soup, Aoyao and do not use strong chemicals to brush the pot.

Non-stick pan Non-stick pot is only in the aluminum pot, wok, stainless steel pot on the basis of adding a layer of non-stick paint, it does not rust in the short-term, not easy to stick pot, less oil fume, clean convenient, uniform heat conduction.

But usually the coating will be consumed with the use, generally can maintain a six to 5 years of life.

Precautions for using non-stick pans:

1, wash the pot when you can not like a wok directly to take a wire ball brush, will be coating damage, non-stick pot will become a “sticky pot”;

2, we usually stir-frying “hot pot cool oil”, but in the non-stick pot here is not feasible, non-stick pot need cold oil, do not dry burning;

3, because non-stick, reckoned a lot of people like to be used for a long time frying, but non-stick pot at high temperature may occur chemical reaction, producing harmful ingredients.

TIPS: Because the non-stick coating is not resistant to high temperature, the boiling point of oil up to 320 degrees Celsius, very easy to damage the coating of non-stick pot.

So as far as possible without non-stick cooking vinegar, high oil temperature of acetic acid will corrode, resulting in the coating off, if the family likes to eat fried food, not recommended to use non-stick pot.

Stainless Steel pot

Stainless steel pot, can not be used to fry Chinese herbal medicine, cleaning when not with the wire ball scrub. More importantly, although known as stainless steel, if the long-term contact with acid and alkali salts will also cause chemical reaction drops ~ that is, stainless steel pot is not suitable for a long time to put salt, vinegar, baking soda powder.

In this way, the stainless steel pot can only be used to boil white porridge, can not directly look at the daily meal of stainless steel bowl …


Stainless steel pot with a slight stain, you can use a little white vinegar to rub ~

Aluminum pot When it comes to aluminium pots, most people know they don’t have the best.

Aluminum and acidic food is very prone to chemical reactions, the formation of substances harmful to the human body, we should have known long ago.

Said so much, in fact, we most commonly used may be the iron pot (don’t ask me how to know, I guess), Connaught, do not look at the iron pot beat, in the use of the process or need to give you a wake up ~
Safety with the pot, pay attention to 3 points

1, heard to use wok stir fry iron?

This statement is long-standing, many people think what to eat what to repair, with wok stir-fry naturally can iron ~ In fact, the body is relatively easy to absorb the use of iron is an organic compound form of iron, such as heme iron.

Wok Stir fry Although it may increase the iron content of the dishes, but these iron is inorganic iron, the body absorption rate is very low.

Therefore use the wok stir fry to fill the iron the effect is not good, if wants to fill the iron inferior to eat a piece of lean meat ~

2, the wrong 90% people are guilty, you do not go heart! How many people make this mistake? Put the hot pot after cooking, put to the faucet rinse, “slurp” a sound, smoke-filled, the person who washes the pot is easy to put these gases into the body.

If the long-term absorption of these gases, will be harmful to the respiratory system, has the potential to induce lung cancer.

Remember not to be improper, after cooking do not immediately rinse the hot pot with water, two days a day matter, fear is perennial around the stove of people.

3, stir-fry the most vitamin C is …

Different pot, the main effect is the nutrition of vegetables food, the effect on meat is not very small. No matter what kind of material the pot, in use may dissolve the metal element, thus affects the vegetable.

For example, iron that precipitates in a wok accelerates the oxidation of vitamin C. What is the most reserved pot for vitamin C? The answer is non-stick pan.

The explanation is that non-stick coating can prevent the metal elements in the pot from precipitating into the dish, thus reducing the damage of vitamin C. We also do not worry too much, the loss of vitamin C effect is not big, if you want to supplement the vitamin can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables ~