to judge whether a person is obese, not only

Only overweight is called fat?

Then you are wrong ~ to judge whether a person is obese, not only look at the appearance.

There is a kind of fat called “fake thin”, weight is not too heavy, but the body fat rate (refers to the body fat weight in the body of the overall weight of the proportion) is exceeded.

Body fat rate exceeded, also belong to obesity

Body fat rate can explain how much fat you have in your body. There are two kinds of obesity: one is the weight and body fat rate are exceeded, called absolute obesity, the other is the weight in the standard range, but the body fat rate is overweight relative obesity.

The false thin is the latter.

High body fat rate of “fake thin”, diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and other diseases of higher risk.

In addition, many fake skinny people do not know themselves in the ranks of “obesity”, so easy to ignore the habits and diet structure, leading to more health problems, especially those with family history, should pay attention to.
Women are more likely to “fake thin”

In general, women are more likely to be “fake skinny” than men.

This is because women are inherently higher in fat than men, need fat to produce and store estrogen, and prepare for fertility. Moreover, men’s basal metabolic rate is usually higher than that of women.

That is to say, even if you lie down and do nothing, men consume more calories than women, and have less fat buildup on equal terms. In addition, men also have “secret weapons”: androgens. Androgens can promote protein synthesis, inhibit protein decomposition, and have a significant effect on muscle growth.

More muscle, less fat, natural body fat rate is relatively low, relative not easy to become fake thin.
Dieting to lose weight, most prone to fake skinny

Dieting to lose weight may not be fat, but muscle, and the result is more “fat”. After dieting, the body first consumes not fat, but the sugar in the body, and so the sugar consumption is similar, began to consume protein.

Protein is an important part of muscle, so the consumption of protein directly causes the muscle to “shrink”. When the protein is consumed to a certain level, the fat will become the “fuel” for the body to provide energy.

But since the muscle has been consumed a lot, so that the proportion of fat in the body not only did not decline, but higher. Want to pass diet to lose weight of the fairy can pay attention to, want to lose weight, only “tube mouth, stride open leg” is the safest effective ~