Compendium of Materia Medica,” explained Balsam

Bitter gourd Sweet, sensual level. “Compendium of Materia Medica,” explained Balsam pear”Along with wicked heating, remedy Laofa, Actual heart ” Vitamin B2. Nick acid, carotene, iron, calcium and other components. Modern clinical study found there is a substantial anti-cancer activity in Balsam pear energetic protein, which may trigger the immune function of the human body immune system, increase the activity of immune cells, remove dangerous substances within the body.

Though bitter taste somewhat bitter, but the aftertaste candy, in recent decades slowly grabbed the table.
Kelp Flavor salty, sexual chilly, together with the consequence of removing phlegm and relieving asthma, detoxification and catharsis. Vitamin B2. Vitamin C, vitamin Nick acid, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus and other components. Especially full of iodine, is quite helpful to the human body, can cure goiter and iodine deficiency brought on by the disease. It contains 8 types of amino acids from the protein. Kelp iodide is consumed by the human body, can accelerate the elimination of lesions and inflammatory exudate, there’s a lowering of blood pressure, prevent arteriosclerosis, encourage the function of damaging substances excretion. At precisely the exact same time, additionally, it comprises a chemical known as sulfated polysaccharide, can consume cholesterol from the arteries, and then expel them from the human body so the blood glucose to keep ordinary content.
Additionally, the surface of the kelp has a slightly sweet white powder, is a really medical value of mannitol, has a fantastic diuretic effect, may cure medication poisoning, edema along with other ailments, therefore, kelp is the perfect detox attractiveness food.
Tea Sexual trendy, flavor and bitterness, there’s warmth, besides bothersome, digestion of this item, Qing Li weight reduction, the part of urine. China is the type of tea also attaches great value to tea. “It demonstrates that tea has a fantastic detox impact. Nick acid, amino acid and a number of enzymes, the stirring of the mind, the chief of this Qing-Li, the consequence of sterile thirst is very important. Modern medical research indicates that tea is rich in an energetic substance-tea polyphenols, has got a detox effect.
Mushrooms Taste gan, trendy, valuable Qi Jian spleen, detoxification, like the impact of dryness. The mushroom includes 18 types of amino acids like glutamic acid, in the body necessary 8 types of amino acids, so the mushroom includes 7 types, in precisely the exact same time it also comprises 30 types of enzymes in addition to vitamin A, vitamin B1. Vitamin B2, iron, calcium, phosphorus along with other components. Modern medical research thinks that the mushroom includes polysaccharide substances, helps enhance the body’s immunity and detoxification capability, inhibit the development of cancer cells, improve the human body’s anti-cancer ability.
Additionally, the mushroom may also decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and prevention of arteriosclerosis, possess, powerful heart to guard the liver, ning God, encourage metabolism and fortify the entire body odor excretion and other purposes, is your very best detoxification system of edible fungi.
Mung bean Taste gan, trendy, there’s warmth, detoxification, dispel the results of fire, Chinese medicine is usually utilized to fix many different food or medication poisoning by traditional Chinese medicine. Mung bean full of vitamin B category, sugar, protein, amylase, oxidase, iron, magnesium, calcium and other elements, frequently drink mung bean soup might help excrete toxins, and boost normal metabolism of the human body. A lot of men and women eat fried, greasy, hot meals, it’s more likely to skin itching, itching, prickly heat and other ailments, which is brought on by the wet toxin deposition from the epidermis. Mung beans possess a highly effective detox impact, can alleviate an assortment of toxins. Modern medical research indicates that mung beans can decrease cholesterolbut also have liver defense and anti-allergic consequences.