I often can’t stand the body and stay up all night, so

I often can’t stand the body and stay up all night, so men are the same, so be sure to eat more foods rich in high protein and high cellulose to supplement the body’s nutritional needs. Eat less sweets and animal fats. It is recommended to eat more fish and beans. High-protein and brain-like foods such as eggs and eggs, as well as vegetables and fruits.

3, eat more high protein, high cellulose food

Men often stay up all night will lead to lack of sleep, body immunity and memory will decline, so eat more nutritious, brain and brain, enhance the body’s immunity, it is recommended that some walnuts, milk, millet porridge to increase the brain Nutrition, and then eat some turtle, sea cucumber, black sesame, fungus, kelp, sputum and other foods to enhance the body’s immunity, which is very important for male health .

2, brain, enhance the body’s immunity

Frequent staying up late is bad for the body and it is very harmful to the eyes. Therefore, men who often stay up all night should eat more foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B and eye protection, such as scorpions, carrots, leeks, squid, lean meat, fish, pig liver and so on.

1. Eat more foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B.

As the head of the family, the man assumes the responsibility of supporting the whole family. Therefore, the pressure on men will increase. They often work day and night to work, but the body of a man staying up late for a long time is also unsupportable. Pay attention to the body, then what do men often stay up late to eat?