4, surgical treatment. The surgical method

4, surgical treatment. The surgical method of premature ejaculation is less applied, mainly to selectively cut off the sensory nerves of the penis head to reduce the sensitivity of the penis head. In fact, the effect of such treatment is still not clear, postoperative complications are more, and the harm is very large.

3, drug treatment. The drug for treating premature ejaculation has a slower onset of action, and it usually takes two weeks to continue taking the drug to prolong the ejaculation time. After the drug works, it can also be taken as needed 3-4 hours before sexual intercourse. Adverse reactions to these drugs are nausea, dizziness, and erectile dysfunction.

2. Local treatment of the penis. The purpose is to reduce the sensitivity of the penis head and penis skin and increase its sensory domain value. Such as the use of condoms, circumcision (to make the glans exposed, often rubbing to reduce its sensitivity). Local treatment is usually used 2% lidocaine gel, applied to the head of the penis 10 minutes before sexual intercourse, reducing the feeling of the penis and prolonging the latency of ejaculation. You can also choose to wear a condom during sexual intercourse. The inadequacy of local treatment of premature ejaculation is numbness of the penis head, and the sexual pleasure will decline.

1. Take a sexual intercourse posture between a female and a male in a sexual lifestyle. When the feeling can not be controlled, the woman immediately lifted her body away from the man, suspended sexual activity to reduce excitement, and waited for 15-30 seconds before continuing. Or if you feel that you can’t control it, pause, then divert your attention, change your posture, etc., you can also delay the effect of ejaculation. Of course, these methods require a little patience.

Premature ejaculation treatment

(3) severe premature ejaculation: patients with severe premature ejaculation are the most serious. These patients have less than one minute of sexual life. Some patients may have ejaculation when they touch the female body, and patients with severe premature ejaculation may also affect it. Male fertility.

(2) Moderate premature ejaculation: patients with moderate premature ejaculation, the ability to control ejaculation is reduced, sometimes unable to control, and the time of sexual life is generally around 1-3 minutes.

(1) mild premature ejaculation: patients with mild premature ejaculation can control ejaculation, but the time of sexual life is usually about 3-6 minutes, followed by ejaculation.

5, premature ejaculation according to the extent of the disease can be divided into mild, moderate, severe premature ejaculation performance:

4, can not make women satisfied: if men have long-term ejaculation fast, more than 50% in the process of sexual intercourse, so that women are not satisfied, is also the performance of premature ejaculation.

3, mental phenomenon: suffering from premature ejaculation have mental depression, anxiety or dizziness, fatigue, memory loss and other clinical symptoms of systemic premature ejaculation. And long-term accompanied by lack of energy, God tired, night-time restless, thin and cold, palpitations and so on.

2, psychological performance: men often have some psychological burden, may be due to lack of sexual experience, marital disharmony or excessive masturbation, bad sex, etc., there will be some psychological manifestations of tension, anxiety, fear, this It is also the main cause of premature ejaculation.

1. Sexual life is short: men who have not been exposed to sexual life or have just contacted the vulva of the woman, or inserted into the vagina for a short period of time, have not reached the orgasm or ejaculation, and then the penis is weak, and the incubation period of sexual intercourse is often less than four minutes. The phenomenon.

Premature ejaculation performance

Premature ejaculation should be no stranger to men. Many men in life are deeply troubled by premature ejaculation. They mentioned that premature ejaculation causes them to be afraid. Not only can they not lift their heads in front of their wives, they feel that they have lost face. The problem must be treated as soon as possible. So how do you see if a man is premature ejaculation? How to treat premature ejaculation?