3, male ejaculation-induced complications: Experts say that m

3, male ejaculation-induced complications: Experts say that male erection is the swelling and hardening of the penis, according to related research, male friends’ low-level nerve suppression is caused by their sacral plexus and pelvic visceral nerves, etc. Come here. Moreover, the closure of the male bladder neck and the distal urethral sphincter will make the urethral prostate site a semi-storage pool. If the male friend does not ejaculate for a long time, or if the patient does not shoot, it will induce complications, such as Causes impotence, inflammation and so on.

2, men do not ejaculate lead to male infertility: related male experts, the birth of a new life requires the combination of sperm and eggs, but if male friends do not ejaculate, then no sperm is injected into the female vagina, thus affecting Pregnancy to a female friend.

1, male does not ejaculate caused by sexual intercourse pain: due to excessive sexual intercourse, resulting in both men and women are very tired, when the female friend’s love liquid secretion will be reduced, causing sexual intercourse pain. If there is frequent sexual intercourse between husband and wife in sexual relations, it will cause sexual aversion, which will destroy the relationship between husband and wife. Serious male patients have erectile dysfunction and even impotence.

Long-term non-ejaculation hazard

4, phimosis: phimosis is a major cause of men not ejaculation, because the glans is completely isolated, can not be stimulated and lead to sexual life can not reach the climax, followed by the phenomenon of not ejaculation. It was suggested that phimosis should be promptly treated in a regular male hospital.

3, spinal cord injury, nerve damage.

2, local lesions: bladder neck relaxation, fine hypertrophy, penile trauma, induration, scar, fibrosis, extreme bending, hypospadias and so on.

1, endocrine dysfunction: such as hypopituitarism, hyperthyroidism, acromegaly, mucinous edema.

Third, organic factors

Psychological factors can also lead to the occurrence of non-ejaculation. Unfair sexual life is discovered and punishable, causing trauma. Frequent masturbation before marriage, is strongly stimulated, and is not irritating after marriage and cannot ejaculate. Feelings are hurt and there is fear of ejaculation.

Second, psychological factors

At the first marriage, the sexual impulses are extremely fierce. Although they can not ejaculate during sexual life, they can ejaculate. However, after this peak period, they cannot ejaculate after improper methods. In vitro ejaculation, condoms and other human intervention methods to block ejaculation.

First, human factors

What is the reason for men not to ejaculate?

When it comes to not ejaculation, male friends should be more familiar! In fact, many men in life are deeply troubled by ejaculation, and it is also an important factor inducing male infertility. Most men don’t know about ejaculation, and they don’t understand the harm caused by long-term ejaculation. So what is the reason for men not to ejaculate? What harm does it have to ejaculate for a long time?