Therefore, do not stay up late, develop good habits,

Therefore, do not stay up late, develop good habits, work early and get up early, is conducive to the maintenance of kidney essence.

Adequate sleep plays an important role in the biochemistry of blood and the maintenance of kidney essence. Clinically, many patients with renal failure have experienced excessive day and night, fatigue, and lack of sleep.

Secret recipe 3: sleep and kidney

Regardless of traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, there are some side effects. Some medicines often cause kidney damage, so be vigilant when using medicines. Read the instructions carefully. When you need to take certain medicines for a long time, you should consult relevant experts.

Secret 2: Vigilance drugs

In addition, there are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, such as Yongquan. “The kidney is out of the spring, and the spring is full of heart.” Before going to bed every night, you can press the Yongquan point at the bottom of your foot. Massage the Yongquan point to play the role of nourishing the kidney.

In addition to some black black sesame seeds, black fungus, and black rice, leek and shrimp are also very good kidney foods.

There are many foods for tonifying kidney in life. In addition to some black black sesame seeds, black fungus, and black rice, leeks and shrimps are also very good kidney foods.

Secret One: Diet and Kidney

3 secret recipes for men’s kidney

After the two hands are hot, use the palm of your hand to rub up the kidney area of ??the lower back. Each time you have to heat up the two kidneys, there is a similar health effect.

For a friend with knee injury, you may not be able to shake the kidneys, then use the kidney to replace the kidney.

At the same time, in the process of shaking the kidneys, the knee joints shake the whole body when shaking, and the joints of the whole body are active, especially the spine parts, so it is very beneficial for the person working at the desk to relax the spine and maintain the lumbar vertebrae.

In the life, male friends properly practice shaking the kidneys to maintain health , fully massage the kidney and acupoints, encourage the kidneys, effectively produce body yang, relieve fatigue and insomnia.

Effectively produce human body yang, relieve fatigue and insomnia.

Hands clenched fists, fists empty, attached to the position of the renal pelvis (that is, the back waist, the waist and eye parts), gently beat, the toes are not off the ground, is the feeling of slightly lifting your feet. At this time, the fists did not move, and the whole body felt as the body was shaking and felt a slight fever in the waist.

The specific method is

In addition to paying attention to rest, everyone can often shake the kidneys, similar to the effect of eating Chinese medicine to kidney. The so-called “shaking the kidneys” is to stimulate the kidney and acupoints by means of shaking.

Male friends who are engaged in mental work for a long time or in the middle-aged and elderly people are very prone to kidney weakness, which is characterized by fatigue and insomnia.

The man shakes the body and the kidney is amazing.

The man shakes the 3 secret recipes of this kidney

The harm of kidney deficiency is very great, so it is necessary to understand the method of protecting the kidney in life, especially the phenomenon of kidney deficiency in male friends is more important to pay attention to, and doing some small movements in life can play the role of tonifying the kidney. So what are the methods of tonifying kidney in life? Let’s take a look at it!