When there is irritability and irritability, you c

When there is irritability and irritability, you can use the Ah Q spirit victory method to ease, tell yourself that those bad things must have a turnaround, but a good solution has not yet been thought of, and if you strengthen your confidence, you can handle things. it is good.
7. Spiritual victory method

When you are in a bad mood, exercise is a good way to vent, temporarily put down those unpleasant things, find time to go out and exercise, it will become a lot easier after a sweat. You can go out and play, or run or walk.

6, exercise method

Women’s menstrual temper, teach you 7 ways to solve

When you are in a bad mood and want to be angry, it is best to let your reason go one step ahead. You can hint at yourself and meditate in your mouth: Don’t be angry! Do not be angry! Do not be angry! Think about what you lost after the last anger, how many days you are not happy, as long as you endure this, there is nothing.

5. Suggestive method

When you encounter bad things, you can look for your partner to tell your feelings. Facing your good friends, you can spit with each other, listen to each other, and then find out your past misfortunes and compare them with you. Your bad feelings can also be greatly alleviated, and then you can find some valuable solutions from the experience of your friends.

4. Conversation law

When you are angry, think about good things, think about good things, or make yourself happy, or read some humorous jokes, you can temporarily ease the temper.

3. Imagination

Women’s menstrual temper, teach you 7 ways to solve

Transfer is the most aggressive approach. When the fire comes up, people and things that people can’t get used to tend to get more and more angry. The more you look at the fire, you may wish to take a trip to the 36th plan and quickly leave the occasion that makes you angry. You can choose to go. Do something happy, or go back to sleep.

2. Transfer method

Sugar provides the brain with the energy necessary to maintain impulse control, preventing us from losing our temper due to stress, and sugar can reduce people’s aggressiveness and eloquence. Friends who are prone to temper during menstruation are suitable for drinking a cup of brown sugar water.

1, diet

7 ways to reject menstrual bad mood

Women’s menstrual temper, teach you 7 ways to solve

Everyone knows that female friends are more tempered when they come to the “big aunt” during the vacation, so how should girls alleviate their bad feelings at this time? Let’s learn together next.