However, Xiaowei has a question to ask: “Why do

who can tell me?However, Xiaowei has a question to ask: “Why do girls feel that the face massage will become smaller and the chest massage will become bigger?”Rivers and lakes


rumors, chest, can be large, so the road to massage breasts is crowded with a small chest girl, and a small chest sister’s boyfriend … you know!

4, massage, the hand of God

What crazy things did women do to make the chest bigger?

Moreover, money is also a problem. A little girlfriend of Xiaowei has had a second development of the chest since drinking papaya Pueraria tea, but the wallet has been “dysplastic”. Every month on the 20th, she began to look for me to eat and drink. Also under the banner of “cultivating feelings.” Who wants to have feelings with you and say that you have to be a flat-breasted sister for a lifetime? What do you mean by the A cup to the C cup now?

If the chest is big, don’t say it first, eat it without restraint, and often go up first. Those who comfort themselves say that “the meat is too much, the chest is naturally big”, you are happy.

Want to make the chest bigger, and too lazy to spend too much thought, lazy goods are all choose to eat and eat. Soy beans, trotters, papaya, peanuts, puerarin, breast enhancement products, so are you for the chest or for eating?

3, all kinds of eating, it is said that lazy goods are like this

What crazy things did women do to make the chest bigger?

More arrogant, stuffed with balloons, and also taught the experience: “The kind of small balloon, soft, flexible, do not worry about bombing.” But it will leak, my sister…

Ordinary girls will put on the small bra and toilet paper; the literary fan’s congee point sanitary napkin is said to be soft and breathable; and a small girl who knows a little girl has stuffed the girl, she said smugly It is fragrant, and you can eat when you are hungry.”

The big bra, the empty chest, I accidentally bumped into it, it’s really good, then what is it!

2, all kinds of plugs, bulging up is OK

What crazy things did women do to make the chest bigger?

There is no chest, what should I do? Do you have a pair of breasts and belly meat? The death is crowded and the ditch is there. There is more to fight, the transparent plastic is on the battle, a few laps, the cleavage not only comes out, but also fixed very well, just want to ask “girl, do you hurt?”

As the saying goes, “Mimi is like the water in a sponge, squeezed, there will always be!” The gathered bra is the true love of the little chest girl. The thin and thick design makes the breasts easily gather in the middle and squeeze out the cleavage. So easy, it seems that one or two sizes are not a dream.

1. Squeeze hard, squeeze into the blue veins and squeeze

What crazy things did women do to make the chest bigger?

In this case, let’s take a look at it, in order to make the chest bigger, what crazy things women have done!

However, Xiaowei knows that the girl who came to see this article has a majestic heart of “I want to be a Boba.” You will definitely turn a blind eye to the benefits of a small chest.

What crazy things did women do to make the chest bigger?

“The small chest has more literary fan”, “the small chest can sleep with sleep”, “the small chest walks better and does not wrestle”, “the small chest runs without resistance faster”, “the small chest can be used less when taking a bath.” Shower Gel”……

Dabo’s sister is playing with Kai, and the little sister looks at it. Xiaowei wants to tell you:

Summer is coming, and it’s time for the big breasts to be afraid, the little breasts to be afraid of the dew!