massage therapy: first apply a hot wet towel, an

7, massage therapy: first apply a hot wet towel, and then massage the breast in a clockwise direction to promote the smooth flow of the milk duct. The broken person is disabled.
6, the beginning of the person can use wet towel wet compressed milk (to not burn the skin for the degree), after cold and then apply, for 10 minutes, hold the breast by hand, pinch a loose, repeated dozens of times. The broken person is disabled.

5, the diet is light. A greasy diet tends to produce fat, and when there is more fat in the breast, it tends to accumulate.

4, if the mastitis is more serious, it has not been good for 10 days, it is estimated that it has been suppurated, so it is necessary to go to the hospital for timely drainage.

3, try not to let the nipple have a wound, do not squeeze the breast, especially when sleeping, do not sleep, it is best to lie flat and sleep.

2, internal drink external application. Internal drink: In the early stage of mastitis, you can drink dandelion root tea, take 3-10 grams of dandelion root, and drink it directly in boiling water for about 5 minutes. External application: local hot compress, after the tea is finished, take the tea residue, and apply it to the affected area when it is warm. Lactating women are also drinkable.

1. Empty the breasts. The condition of mastitis is because breast milk is deposited, so it is necessary to do a good job of milking to make mastitis faster. You can massage the breasts, which is good for milk secretion and discharge. The problematic milk is discharged, and the breasts are smooth and naturally will be good soon.

Other methods:

(3) 100 grams of glutinous rice, 50 grams of dandelion. Take dandelion Jianshui juice, add glutinous rice porridge, and serve daily. For the use of mastitis after the collapse of the mastitis.

(2) 1 pigeon, 30 grams of astragalus, 30 grams of medlar. Wash the pigeons. The sassafras and scorpions are wrapped in gauze and stewed with the pigeons. After cooking, go to the dregs and eat the pigeon meat. For the recovery period after mastitis ulceration.

(1) 1 pig’s trotter and 25 grams of daylily. After stewing, do not add seasoning food, once a day. For the early stage of mastitis, no pus.

Mastitis family with food therapy

Symptoms: Patients with mastitis suddenly experience aversion to cold, fever, breast agglomeration, local redness and pain. If it can be treated with antibiotics and Chinese medicine for detoxification in a timely manner, the condition will be quickly controlled. If the treatment is not timely or not treated, the condition will gradually increase, the local pain is severe, stinging, jumping pain, persistent high fever, leading to local suppuration, and even sepsis.

3 The baby will break the nipple: often because the sucking position is wrong, the baby will absorb more energy when the breast is not sucked, and the mother’s nipple will be bitten, which will cause bacterial infection and bacteria to enter the breast tissue.

2 Mother squeezes her breasts with her fingers during feeding: this will hinder the flow of milk.

1 The baby’s sucking posture is incorrect: the milk cannot be completely sucked out.

When the milk is not completely emptied and the milk tube is plugged by the milk, a local lumps, called milk retention, usually occur. If the nipple is broken and the breast is infected with bacteria, it is called infectious mastitis. Causes of milk retention and mastitis include:

What is the relationship between the onset of mastitis and how to treat mastitis?

The most common problem for mothers who breastfeed is mastitis. Most of the mastitis is caused by the lack of emptying of the milk and the infection of the nipple.