The above is an introduction to the calc

The above is an introduction to the calculation method of female ovulation period. Detailed female friends have already understood the calculation method of female ovulation period by reading the above article. I hope these methods can help you take the right means of contraception.
3. Menstrual push algorithm: Many women don’t know which day their ovulation period is. Using the following formula, after a period of testing, it is easy to calculate. If your menstrual cycle is regular, the calculation method of ovulation period is: On the first day of the next menstrual cramp, the last 14 days or 14 days is the ovulation day. The ovulation day and the first 5 days and the last 4 days are called ovulation. If the menstruation is abnormal, the ovulation period The calculation formula is: the first day of ovulation period = the shortest one of the menstrual cycle days minus 18 days; the last day of ovulation period = the longest menstrual cycle days minus 11 days. For example, the shortest menstrual period is 28 days, the longest is 37 days. It is necessary to subtract 18 (28-18=10) from the shortest regular period and 11 (37-11=26) from the longest regular period, so it is ovulation from the 10th to 26th day after the menstrual tide. .

2. Basic body temperature method: The body temperature is measured after waking up every morning. Under normal circumstances, the body temperature is lower in the first half of the menstrual period, lower when the ovulation period is reached, and gradually rises after ovulation.

1. Cervical mucus method: In the hospital gynecology, by checking the cervical mucus to determine whether it is in the ovulation period.

Properly mastering the ovulation period is very important for young women: if you want to get pregnant, start on the first day of ovulation, keep the frequency of two days of sex, and persist for a few months. If there is no special situation, you will usually get pregnant. Women who don’t want to get pregnant need to miss sex in these days. At this time, the ovulation period will be called another term: dangerous period. To determine if you are in ovulation, you can take the following three methods:

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Do you know how to calculate the ovulation period for women? For girls, it is very necessary to understand the ovulation period. Understanding the cycle of ovulation will help us master the techniques of contraception. Let’s take a closer look at the calculation method of women’s ovulation period! I hope to help everyone.