4, in the end to avoid smoky makeup to make

4, in the end to avoid smoky makeup to make eyes look fierce, eyeliner can be changed to brown, bright color is also replaced by pure gold in beige, color matching is more soft.
3, the most critical place here, choose sparkling glitter with your fingertips gently rubbed in the middle of the eyelids.

2, then choose the eye cream powder of metal cream texture applied to the center of the eyelids, do not worry that the eyes will be swollen, but can make the eye makeup more three-dimensional.

1, choose matte eye shadow powder, the coloring order should be from shallow to deep, so as not to stain the makeup.

Layered smoky makeup tips

In order to make the lip color last longer and moisturize, apply a transparent lip balm to the inside of the lip.

Bright lip gloss can help us improve our temperament and improve our mood! For Asian women, it is best to choose a beautiful candy color, which can best support women’s temperament! And the beautiful color of the lips It will also make your entire face bloom with a radiant glow! In addition, apply the lipstick evenly to the entire lip when applying!

Upper layer: bright color lip gloss breaks dull

Note that you should first stop using the medicinal mint cream or the lip balm containing camphor balm. Although these ingredients will make the sputum feel soothing, it will make your lips drier after a long time! Try to find an anti-cleft lip ointment. Or a soothing lip gloss containing shea butter and beeswax.

SOS lip dry bleeding emergency measures
Create a layered smoky makeup tips that match well and soften

If the lips are very dry, you can also apply a thick layer of lip balm before going to bed every night to bring the lips to nourish overnight.

If you want to show the perfect lip makeup, then we must first ensure the condition of the lips! But in the winter, the fragile lips tend to become dry and even a lot of dead skin, which makes our lips very Difficult to create the ideal makeup. So for the lips, be sure to do regular exfoliation and moisturize your skin!

Bottom layer: Ultra-low nourishment of lip balm
Create a layered smoky makeup tips that match well and soften

In the eyes of many girls, smoky makeup may be a makeup that goes to nightclubs and bars. However, the smoky makeup is natural and soft, and everyday work is absolutely not exaggerated! Then you know how to make up for your makeup. To create a perfect layering? Today, Xiaobian introduces the way to create a layered look with lip makeup, thrush and smoky makeup, so that you can easily create a layered look!