Some people think that the abdominal muscles

Some people think that the abdominal muscles can lose belly fat, but it is not. Reasonable equipment training can effectively carry out anaerobic metabolism and aerobic metabolism to achieve the purpose of reducing fat, instead of simply training a certain part of the muscle.
5. Where to practice does not necessarily reduce where.

Women only do not supplement their muscle training for weight loss. The danger is not immediately apparent, but it is like a time bomb, buried under a healthy surface phenomenon. These hidden dangers include predisposing osteoporosis and joint injuries due to lack of strength. This is also the reason why many women’s hands, ankles and calves are easily broken, and it is easy to cause soreness in the lower back and scoliosis.

4. Female fitness light map to lose weight.
Women’s Fitness Guide: How to effectively improve weight loss in women in the gym

Everyone saw the muscles of women participating in bodybuilding competition on TV. In fact, many of these “muscle women” are hormone-killing. Women’s muscle growth is different from that of men. Men grow in a way that increases the circumference, while women’s muscles grow vertically and only appear to be fit.

3. Female training equipment will not become Schwarzenegger.

Because the skin after shaving is particularly sensitive, sweat during exercise can irritate the skin in these areas, making it irritating and tingling.

2. Avoid shaving before exercise.

Studies have shown that a large amount of perspiration does not properly replenish moisture, which can easily lead to human collapse. Simple sweating can not effectively lose weight, and some equipment training can be increased to achieve good results.

Under the misconception that “more sweat can reduce fat”, people are willing to “sweat like rain.”

1. A lot of sweating has nothing to do with fat loss.

Fitness tips
Women’s Fitness Guide: How to effectively improve weight loss in women in the gym

The heartbeat of young people should be 120 beats / min ~ 140 beats / min, and people around 60 should be 110 beats / min, each time not less than 30 minutes. This is most helpful for improving immunity and achieving good results.

3. Does the exercise achieve the best results?

Every time you exercise, pay attention to your heartbeat. If you have to breathe and feel difficult when you speak, you should take a break. This overload of exercise is harmful to the body and is not beneficial.

2. When does fitness break?

The calculation method of abdominal obesity is the ratio of hip to waist: the waist size is divided by the size of the buttocks. If the male is at 0.9 or the female is above 0.8, the intra-abdominal fat accumulation is excessive.

1. Is your belly fat more?

Self-test index
Fitness guide for girls to effectively exercise exclusive women in the gym

Who said that the gym is exclusive to men, more and more women like to step into the gym to exercise their body. However, in the face of the gymnastics a bunch of rough men are sweating under the rain, the girls who just started to go to the gym are somewhat overwhelmed. I don’t know if I should be as rough as the men, or should I keep the lady? If you say fitness If it is a kind of fast food, women will choose clean dishes, men will choose Turkish barbecue, and the gym will be quietly drawn the 38th line. Here is a small series to tell the rookie fitness girl how to effectively exercise in the gym!