For pregnant mommy, adequate rest is a mu

For pregnant mommy, adequate rest is a must, and only when the body is relaxed, the internal organs can rest well. If the body and mind are too tired, it will increase the burden on the liver,


heart and kidneys, and even cause endocrine disorders. Therefore, pregnant mommy must measure her physical tolerance, maintain proper workload and rest enough to help her pregnancy smoother.

8th stroke ? fully relax and rest

If you have to sit for a long time or stand for a long time, and worry about your leg stretching, you can wear elastic socks for pregnant women from the middle of pregnancy to reduce the pressure on the legs and improve the venous circulation of the lower extremities.

7 through elastic ? strokes of socks Prevention

Is edema during pregnancy difficult?  8 tricks to reduce swelling

If you are overweight, it will increase the body burden of pregnant mommy, which is not conducive to venous return. Therefore, it is recommended that the weight gain during the whole pregnancy should be controlled within 12 to 15 kg.

6th stroke ? control pregnancy weight

Most of the causes of edema in pregnant mommy are poor blood circulation, so don’t sit for a long time or stand for a long time, so as not to affect the venous return. Usually, you should stand up and walk around. You can move your muscles a little, such as walking, stretching, or shaking your hands and feet. The situation is not smooth. Even if you just walk in the park near your home, it helps to promote blood circulation.

5th stroke ? avoid maintaining the same posture

Is edema during pregnancy difficult?  8 tricks to reduce swelling

The foaming foot can make the peripheral blood vessels dilate, enhance the pressure of the squeezing blood vessels, and allow the veins to return blood, so that excess water is not easy to accumulate at the ends of the extremities, and the hot water is soaked for 40 minutes at 40 to 42 degrees Celsius. The foot bath is stimulated by the principle of osmotic pressure. The peripheral nerves improve the problem of poor circulation in the lower body. When soaking the feet, the water depth is at least higher than the ankles. It is best to reach the calves because the ankles are the hub of the human meridians running to the soles of the feet.

4th stroke ? foot bath

Massage the calf and instep, can relieve edema, if the stomach is too big to press, you can ask your husband to help massage, or find a special pregnant women massage, while the massage can be pressed from bottom to top, from the end to the heart part of the massage, let The accumulated blood flows back to the heart to improve blood circulation. If the direction of the massage is wrong, the edema may be more serious. Be careful. As long as the pregnant mommy feels comfortable, the massage can also improve the symptoms of infertility in pregnant mommy.

3rd stroke ? massage leg

Is edema during pregnancy difficult?  8 tricks to reduce swelling

In the middle and late pregnancy, the stomach will become bigger, and the right side will be easily pressed to the inferior vena cava. Sleeping toward the left lying position will help the blood flow in the inferior vena cava smooth, and will not cause edema of the lower extremities. It relieves the symptoms of varicose veins and improves the quality of sleep, but it is still free to change the sleeping position during sleep.

The second stroke ? lying on the left side of sleep

If the lower extremity edema, it is recommended to sleep at night, the feet will be raised, the edema will naturally fade away. When you are sitting, do not cock the legs, so as not to hinder the return of the veins, you can put your feet on the small bench. When lying down, use a pillow to raise your feet, and you can do leg lifts before going to bed every day to facilitate venous return.

1st stroke ? foot height & leg lift

[Improve edema 8 tricks]

Is edema during pregnancy difficult?  8 tricks to reduce swelling

Edema is an almost inevitable symptom during pregnancy. Especially in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, edema will become more and more serious. Therefore, we will share with you today the improvement of edema during pregnancy.