Therefore, pregnant women can eat per

Therefore, pregnant women can eat persimmons, but not to eat more, it is recommended to eat one a day, no more than two. At the same time, pay attention to the contraindications of persimmons.
However, if you eat too much persimmon, you will feel the sputum and numbness. It is easy to dry stools. When it meets acid, it will condense into pieces and combine with protein to produce sediment. In the long run, it will cause stones.

The second persimmon has a laxative effect, which can help relieve constipation during pregnancy. And persimmon also has the effect of clearing away heat and phlegm, stimulating thirst, moistening lungs and relieving cough, which is also very beneficial for pregnant mothers. At the same time, persimmon can help relieve pregnancy-induced hypertension syndrome.

Persimmons have high nutritional value and many benefits. From this point of view, pregnant women can eat persimmons. Moreover, persimmon contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, some of which are much higher than other fruits, and pregnant women can add a lot of nutrients if they eat persimmons.

Persimmons are very sweet and juicy, and it is hard to refuse. Then, during pregnancy, the pregnant mother with a good appetite is very eager to eat, but the persimmon is a cold fruit, can pregnant mothers eat it?

Can pregnant women eat persimmons?

6, do not eat with high-protein crabs, fish, shrimp and other foods , on the one hand because crabs and persimmons are cold food, on the other hand because of the role of high-protein crab, fish, shrimp in tannic acid Underneath, it is easy to solidify into a block, that is, stomach persimmon.

5 , persimmon can not eat with sweet potatoes, spinach. Sweet potato contains more starch. Eating too much sweet potato is easy to produce a lot of stomach acid in the stomach. Persimmon contains a lot of pectin and tanning. When stomach acid is combined with tanning and pectin, it will easily condense. Form a hard-to-soluble hard block – stomach persimmon.

4, persimmon should not be eaten with goose , crab, sweet potato, eggs, otherwise it will cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms.

3, sauerkraut. After eating persimmons, please do not drink more acidic soup or drink too much water, otherwise there may be stomach stone disease.

2, seaweed. Seaweed is also a food rich in calcium ions. It can form an insoluble combination with the persimmon containing too much citrate. The reason is the relationship between kelp and persimmon.

1, kelp. When kelp and persimmon are eaten together, the calcium ions in the kelp will combine with the tannic acid in the persimmon to form an insoluble conjugate, which will affect the digestion and absorption of certain nutrients, leading to gastrointestinal discomfort. Therefore, kelp should not be combined with fruits such as persimmon. edible.

When we eat persimmons, we must pay attention to it. In addition to the persimmon skin can not be eaten, there is no need to eat on an empty stomach. In addition, the following things should be noted that the following foods cannot be eaten before and after eating persimmons.

Persimmon can’t eat with anything

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I believe everyone knows that persimmons are very cool fruits. You can’t eat too much at first, and eating too much is not good for your health. And some foods can’t be eaten with persimmons, otherwise it is easy to cause problems such as indigestion. So what can you eat with persimmons? Can pregnant women eat persimmons? If you want to understand the related problems, let’s take a look.