Although vegetables are good, many thin

Although vegetables are good, many things are most afraid of being too much. Because there are a lot of fiber in vegetables, it is very difficult to digest. Too much intake can cause gastrointestinal diseases, burden the stomach, and the daily intake of vegetables is the most. Good control between 300-500 grams.
Vegetables are healthier with these 4 methods

4, can not eat more

Although vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, once they stay too long, they will become dry and yellow, and vitamins will be lost. Not only that, but also easily lead to the formation of nitrite in vegetables, which damages people’s health.

3, can not be stored for too long

Chinese people’s dining habits are to cook everything in a fried form, although this will change the taste of the vegetables under the conditions of high temperature and hot oil, making him more delicious, but losing the vitamins in the vegetables. The healthiest way to eat all vegetables is to mix the vegetables and keep all the nutrients in the vegetables.

Vegetables are healthier with these 4 methods
2, mostly in the form of cold mix

Now that the standard of living is good, we can eat all kinds of vegetables. Different kinds of vegetables have different health care functions. Vegetables such as green leaves, melons, canes, and starch-rich potatoes should be reasonably ingested. They should not be eaten because they do not like it.

1. Diversification

Vegetables are healthier with these 4 methods

Vegetables are an indispensable part of our daily diet. They contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. Usually eat more can also play a role in health care, but many people do not pay attention to the rational use of vegetables to health and health when eating vegetables . In fact, with these four vegetable way to eat, it is more healthy regimen .