6 strong reasons for men to prefer big breasts

When summer comes, many men are always attracted to low-cut women on the street. This is a very good visual enjoyment. The big breasted MM is the most popular. The woman’s chest seems to be irresistible. The woman said that the man is lascivious. Don’t they know that this is their physiological needs? But why do men prefer big breasts? Why do men like big breasted women? 1. Breast enhancement can satisfy men’s aesthetic needs: the genius mathematician Pascal said: “The golden line of women is in this field, and men are pursuing the most extreme.” It is because of this extreme curvature that the banner of women’s beauty Be promoted. According to the beautician, the coolest posture of a man is the moment he wants to fight and wave, and the most beautiful posture of a woman is the moment when her chest is slightly raised. If a woman has a small breast and turns it into a breast, how ugly is it? 2. The chest is the way to balance yin and yang: the man’s hand is the place with the least water, and the woman’s hand is the place with the most water. The arc formed by the man when he reaches out is coincident with the arc of the woman’s chest. Studies have shown that in many eunuchs in history, their hands have finally become weaker, and the chest of the scorpion that has not been spoiled by the emperor has softened. 3. The chest can better meet the sexual needs of men: the body of men and women are naturally compatible, and the best place for men to massage women by hand is the chest. If a woman has a small breast, men and women are inexhaustible in terms of sex. 4. Big breasted women are smarter: American sociologists have experimented that the more plump a woman’s chest is, the smarter she is. 5. Large breasts give men a sense of security: the most elastic part of a man’s body is his hand, and the most fragile and soft part of a woman’s body is his chest. The chest is too small, where the man goes to find the gentle countryside. 6. The big breast is more feminine: feminine is a kind of smoldering air that condenses dripping water and is destructive to men. It is said that the modernist master of painting Cézanne has drawn a rule after painting numerous nude women: the human physiological structure seems unpredictable, and abstractly summarizes three basic forms: cone, cylinder and sphere. For men, the cones and pillars are a little more; for women, the cones and pillars are a little more. Therefore, the difference between men and women is essentially the difference between a cone and a sphere, while the breath of a woman is expressed in the perfection of a sphere. A gentle woman in a water will make a man lose his heart, and once such a woman matches a bumpy figure, it is as if the tenderness of the water flows into the human heart along the slender curve, and the man falls completely into the trap. .