What are the common love psychology of women?

Everyone is an independent individual, has his own thoughts, his own practice, so don’t impose your own ideas on others. If you don’t want to do anything, then you know why women always want to change men, and that’s why. Some women habitually modify men according to their own requirements. In fact, men also have their own ideas, and the thing they are most afraid of hating trouble is to bear too much. To this end, many men want to know why women always want to change men, what are the common love psychology of women? Why do women always want to change men? The woman’s own answer seems simple: the man she faces is not good enough. The specific reasons are as follows: 1. Women want to take the lead in emotional relationships. When women ask men to make changes, it is also a logic: you need my care, you need my guidance, you need me. The command, I am the protagonist in many things, I am very important in your life, don’t treat me as dispensable. 2, the advantages can be neglected because women are eager to get such things because of the benefits of the same thing, such as because the man is mature, will take care of women and eager to get this man. But after I got it, I took the man’s merits for granted. I saw only his shortcomings, so I made new demands. 3, the woman’s mind has a “dream lover” portrait of the woman’s standard is: I think how about what, I want to have him, so women often change men according to their own wishes. Among all the animals, the one who is least willing to compromise with the dream is the woman. Women are not willing to compromise with their dreams, but they lack the courage to revolutionize. Men are more inclined to revolution, that is, if they are dissatisfied, they will change their girlfriends, while women will tend to improve and try to change the men around them. 4, women need to use continuous attention to prove their ownership. Women often say: Why do I just want to change you? Because I am good to you, care about you, others will not worry about others. The nature of a man is hunting. Once the prey is knocked down, he thinks that the prey has belonged to him, and the nature of the woman is farming, that is, continuous pouring of labor can prove possession. The woman needs to prove that this man belongs to her, so she will pay attention to all the details of this man, and feel the peace of mind when trimming the scissors. What are the common psychological psychology of women? I often hear people say “women’s heart, sea bottom needle”, is it so difficult for women’s psychology to guess? When you are in love, some women sometimes love to make a little temper, turning their faces faster than flipping books. But their purpose is actually very simple, but spoiled. It’s not difficult to understand a woman’s mind. Let’s take a look at this 8 Women’s love psychology. 1. Decisive self-improvement women hope to find a safe haven through marriage. They like men who are resolute, courageous, enthusiastic, hearty, and courageous, and they are abandoning men who are timid, indecisive, and hesitant. 2, side knocking and speaking is also the art of the door. Women have a mental defense instinct, often use language to cover up their own intentions, do not like others to break the word. If a man is clever and bluntly says that breaking a woman’s heart is often repugnant. 3, chic and calm women do not like these two types of men, one is in front of women in the woods, less whispering, the other is in front of women in rhetoric, clever tongue, exaggeration. The chic, sincere and natural nature can eliminate the woman’s alert mentality and win the woman’s goodwill. 4, single-handed straight into most women like straightforward expression, although they will be a little embarrassed about the straightforward expression of the first date, but they will feel that such a man is full of charm, and the expression of straightforward is difficult to refuse. On the contrary, they hate men who say that they are turning around, vomiting, talking, and being too subtle. 5, considerate to the introverted type of woman, if you want to pursue, can show care, considerate, can let it patience in a bad mood, and create a chance for her to vent their feelings. Because introverted girls usually do not like to express feelings, it is easy to create a sense of oppression in the small things, so that it is easy to produce a fierce outburst of emotions. If you can balance and coordinate her heart, you will slowly become her object and lover. 6, cleverly break the routine In general, the girl’s life is unremarkable, they are also very strong in seeking change, and hope that something unexpected happens to make some changes in life. Therefore, they do not like stereotyped, conservative men. Of course, before catering to women’s psychology of seeking excitement and change, we must first let them rationally confirm that you are a man of sound style, and then you can break the routine, create new ideas, and make them full of fun. Otherwise, it will be self-defeating, making women feel that you are frivolous and sloppy. 7. Static braking Sometimes, women seem to care less about you on the surface, but in fact they are full of contradictions, because repeated rejections will make the pursuers far away and may make themselves taste the singularity. And you chase too tightly, women’s “defense instinct” will refuse you, this is also a kind of women’s reluctance to win, refuse to admit defeat, curiosity and so on. As long as you can grasp the psychology of women and master the rhythm of chasing, you will be able to hunt your heart and get a happy love. 8, straight chest For sensible women, it is better to talk to love than to talk about it. Women who pursue rationality must first attract her with a strong love magic, attack in a straightforward manner, or straighten their chest. Using emotions to overcome reason is the best way to pursue rational women. Because, in general, sensible women give people a sense of fear with their wise temperament, many men tend to stay away from it. Reasonable women have fewer opportunities to receive love, and when they are loved, they can feel the existence of love. Conclusion: Women must pay more attention, don’t be too anxious, don’t rush to change men. Sometimes, men’s practices are also desirable. Having a happy life is something we all desire, so we must properly maintain the relationship between husband and wife. Don’t worry about changing him. Only you can grasp the man’s psychology. You can definitely implement your plan.