a more perfect mindset for married life

Couple life needs to be well studied. For adults, sex without sex skills is not perfect. If you can understand the method of sex, the method of fun, believe that sex is also the most perfect, she will love you more and more! As a man, if you can not give the lover a material satisfaction, then please do not deprive her of the right to sexual well-being Well, let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian!! 1. Don’t take sex as a sex game is a romantic thing, you need to taste the chewy. Don’t be anxious, and stage an ice storm, then you will lose the unique charm. The men’s health magazine called “sex advice”? We hope that some things can be very efficient, but we have to admit that the following suggestions are correct: slow down, boys! “Sex is not a game, so slowly explore She,” the editor wrote. “Stay in her thighs and lower abdomen. Around her intimate 2 inches, kiss, wipe, and caress.” 2. Stimulating the head to relax the massage itself is a very enjoyable thing, the head Massage can be said to be the most important thing. The so-called “headshot” means to attack the key parts of the person, as well as massage. The girl is very enjoying the feeling of doing a head massage, which can transfer the feeling of numbness from her scalp down to her… you know where. This doesn’t sound erotic, but we believe that you can definitely understand the meaning. We can only say this suggestion, yes, yes, yes. 3, sex toys power couple life can also use sex toys to help you, explore the fun of blooming flowers! Sex foreplay can burn fat. Men’s Health reminds us to work with your close lover to improve hormone levels and ease the perfect storm of anxious, relaxed sex life. 4, sweet talk can not sum up men’s health survey of 2000 women, what do we want to let them say in bed? Is praise! But “hey, awesome” or “happiness” is not what we want. Men are encouraged to give specific praise, which is perfect for women. The more specific your praise, the more image it is for her. This shows that you are getting pleasure from her body, not any naked body. agree! 5, kneading the foot is a high-stakes Many people like to enter the topic in the ordinary mode when they are sexually active. In fact, sometimes it is very effective to open the “purgatory mode”, which can give both sides a perfect sex life. If your husband suddenly decides to have a foot massage for you before going to bed, he may already know four important tips for helping women reach their climax. Surprisingly, the website’s gender reporters reported that most people may not realize the importance of warm feet to help her reach the climax experience. According to scientists at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, warm feet can increase the likelihood of reaching orgasm by 30%. 6. Dancing with your partner. When was the last time you danced with your husband? When you attended the second cousin’s wedding last summer? Or your own wedding? Ok, in your bedroom, come again. In fact, in their most important 100 rules of foreplay, dancing slowly is like a slow flow of juice. Dancing slowly is a long-forgotten part of human temptation, and it has now become an outdated fashion in the campus disco. Good sex skills can make both husband and wife understand the true meaning of sex, but some friends still don’t know much about sex. Through the above introduction, I think everyone has some understanding of sex skills. Conclusion: I believe that everyone knows about this article through the introduction of Xiaobian. You may wish to try it out, find a commemorative day, come to the candlelight dinner, dance, and feel really good. Everyone who comes to this must learn a lot.