What do men hate most women?

Do you know that in the sex life, do men hate women’s sexual behaviors most? Sex life is beautiful, but it requires the tacit cooperation between the two parties. However, many women’s performances in sexual life will make men resent, so they want to guarantee In the harmony of sexual life, women need to get rid of these bad habits. 1. Women are not attentive. If a man is fully engaged, the woman is staring at the TV, yawning, talking on the phone, etc., are taboos on the man’s bed. 2. The woman does not move. Men hate women who wear “nun” and “nun” on the bed. Many men directly fill in the term “prey fish” on the questionnaire. They don’t like to encounter women with poor interactivity and low cooperation. They also hate women who have low cooperation, and they don’t want to go to bed with women who are doing gestures. 3. The woman is ashamed to say “I want”. This is the most common mistake women make. Because of shyness or fear of being considered “coquettish”, many women do not want to tell him even if they want a sex. “Actually, if a woman raises this matter, it shows that sex with him is an important thing that will make men feel happy and excited. It is also the best affirmation of his sexual ability.” Sexologist Lupe Git said if I really don’t want to say so directly, you can agree on a suggestion. 4. The woman has been silent in bed. When making love, I don’t say anything about it. The subtext of the other party is “I’m not interested in sex.” Especially for men, the silence of a lover is a great “insult”. Sally Rauk pointed out in the book “The Secret of Making Love” that in the sex, it must be a voice, whether it is a woman’s jealousy or praise, is a “catalyst” of perfect sex life, is a great encouragement to him. 5. Women pin their climax to men. Women should know how to get a climax instead of waiting for a man. 6.” Only make love in the bedroom. Don’t treat the bed as a “sex base”, that’s not what he wants. There are two things men like: adventure and sex. What can be combined is to change local sex. What are the performances of the four signal sexes that have become dull in sex? In fact, many couples get married for a long time, then the enthusiasm of the two people will gradually fade, and the number of sexual life will become less and less. It is a manifestation of the plainness of sex, and such a phenomenon is also unfavorable for husband and wife to get along. Signal 1: Put sex into the schedule. Planned sex time, such as “Friday Night”, “Tuesday afternoon” or “after the news”, ignores one of the most basic characteristics of sex: spontaneity. Car refueling needs regular timing, but sex is also copied, which will inevitably lead to the loss of sex. Expert advice: To overcome this, men can grasp their “sexual impulses” and give her a surprise when her wife is most unexpected. If you don’t like to caress while cooking, you can choose an “unplanned time” passion. Morning sex or Sunday date is a good choice. Signal 2: Sex is only 10 minutes long. If sex is only 10 minutes from beginning to end, it is definitely an abnormal phenomenon. Occasionally, a one-time love of fast food will add interest to the couple’s life. However, normal sex life cannot always be so sloppy. Experts suggest that in order to extend the sex time, be sure to do a 10-minute foreplay. Inadequate foreplay and reckless behavior will inevitably lead to sexual ignorance and longevity. In addition, the warmth and love after sex should last longer. Signal 3: Wife is not lubricated enough. There are many reasons for women’s vaginal dryness. It is very important that sexual excitement is insufficient. The lack of effective sexual induction or sexual love methods by the males will make the woman’s psychological preparation inadequate and cannot be fully aroused. Expert advice: Kissing, hugging, caressing and stimulating sensitive areas in the foreplay can greatly improve the lubricity of women and make couples’ sex more smooth. Signal 4: The way of sex is unchanged. If the sex foreplay, the sexual posture, and the way to reach orgasm are always the same, it is easy for both parties to become bored. Expert advice: Occasionally trying a new sex posture will make both husband and wife feel exciting and pleasant. The way of sex should be creative, and only when it is constantly changing can it be fresh and more stimulating. Couples can find out if there are any of these phenomena in your sex life, and if so, you need to pay attention, because it shows that your sex life has become more and more dull and you can’t get two people to get in sex life. Satisfied, this time you need to pass one Some ways to change this phenomenon. In the introduction of the above article, female friends can find out whether they have these behaviors and habits in the sex life, because in your opinion these behaviors and habits are normal, but it is not conducive to the cooperation of sexual life, so men generally compare I hate the performance of women in bed.