Demystifying the feeling that nine women are “moisturized” by men

A woman is like a beautiful flower, and needs a man’s love and love as a rain. Therefore, the woman who is in love is the most beautiful. Is it a man’s favorite or moisturizing, so that the woman who has come to love is so beautiful and moving? Or sex has played a good role, this article is revealed for you. The first beautiful feeling is that the lover’s eyes are in Shih Tzu, so when you have love, you will definitely feel that the other person is the best, even if there are other opposite sexes that look better than the ones you love, but for you, he She is the most beautiful one in your heart, and it is impossible for others to compare. The second kind of dear feeling, when you fall in love with a person, you will have a very intimate feeling. With him or her, you will feel very comfortable and harmonious. You can trust and rely on him (her). He (she) is like a close family member. He can even say that he is more intimate than a family member. In this intimacy, you will feel a warm feeling. This is the feeling of dear. In this country of love, he (she) is willing to accommodate all your shortcomings. The third kind of envy and respect feels a healthy love relationship. There should be a feeling of being proud of each other. You will appreciate everything about the other side, including the inner and outer conditions and advantages, and the other party will make you feel that he or she is proud of you everywhere. If this feeling exists, whether he or she is successful or unsuccessful in doing this, you will appreciate his or her talent, not just the result. When the fourth kind of love is in love, do you like to praise each other, and not only appreciate, or perfunctory, you will also like to tell others about his or her while he or she is away. Even if you help you to make a bowl of instant noodles. The important thing is that you feel very happy from the enthusiasm of the other party. The fifth respected self-esteem and love relationship can improve one’s self-esteem and make you feel that life is more meaningful, because love can make you discover that you have unparalleled uniqueness, although you have advantages and disadvantages. But your uniqueness makes you feel incredibly respected, and life is therefore more valuable. The sixth type of possessive love is absolutely exclusive, and it is impossible to share its intimate relationship with men and women. Therefore, when love goes from uncertainty to stability, it is necessary to use marriage to continue the later days, so we meet each other when we get married. Xu. In real love life, it is necessary to promise each other loyalty. Seventh freedom of movement If a person has a legitimate reason, his or her freedom of action must be respected so that it does not destroy the relationship between the two. People who love to follow the feelings are very worrying or angry, but for love. For people who are living with sex, there is no limit or restriction. It is better to give him (her) freedom and space. He (she) will always come back. The eighth deep sympathy people often feel pity for those who love deeply. They often think about each other. If the other party is frustrated, we will be very willing to share the pain and frustration for him or her. As the suffering you have suffered, or better than your own suffering, because in love, we are willing to sacrifice our own interests for each other. The ninth physical sexual impulses When we are interested in one of the opposite sex or fall in love with a certain opposite sex, we all want physical contact with each other. In a true love life, this desire is always there. Sexual impulses are not just behaviors, they also contain many other intimate physical contacts, such as holding hands, hugging, etc., which will always exist in the hearts of lovers.