Influencing women’s derailment should pay attention to

Derailment is becoming more and more common in the love of urban men and women, and women sometimes can’t stop the attraction of “wildflowers”. Recently, the US “Health” magazine wrote an article to analyze the reasons for women’s derailment. Genes are strange. A study by the St. Thomas Hospital in London, UK, found that 44% of women’s deceptive behavior stems from the genes inherited by the mother. The best way to overcome the effects of deceptive genes is to enjoy sex. Gene expert Terry said: “Sex can release a high concentration of ‘loyalty hormones’, which can inhibit the role of ‘disordered’ chromosomes.” Sex lasts for more than 5 minutes to maximize the release of this hormone. Menstrual effects. According to a study by Indiana University in the United States, the 10th to 18th day of the menstrual period is a high-risk period, when women’s sex hormone levels reach a peak and it is easier to choose short-term partners. If a woman exercises twice a week, the level of sex hormones can be significantly reduced. Therefore, husbands should always exercise with their wives. Common interest. Research at the University of Canberra in Australia shows that if women meet other men through certain activities, such as dance classes, their chances of being guilty after derailment will decline. If you spend more than two hours a week with the same opposite sex in a non-working environment, the chance of derailment will increase by a factor of three. Self-reward. If a woman feels that she is being left out, she may be derailed with other men to reward herself. A study by the University of Maryland found that 80% of women explain their betrayal. Principal researcher Farrell suggested that if men want to cultivate a sense of intimacy with their wives, they should actively listen to their partners and point their heads or frown every 30 seconds in each other’s narrative. Be careful with your predecessor. The most dangerous person is the most familiar person. Psychology expert Juliette said: “Women need emotional investment, it is possible to have a love affair with someone, and the past lover or love object has such a potential.” Juliet said that women only feel that when you lack a guarantee with you, I will think of my predecessor. Therefore, the husband must make his wife feel safe and solve her worries.