It is not an irreversible thing for a woman not to ovulate

Where do people come from, they all know that they were born from the mother’s stomach, and the first one was that a sperm and an egg met at a certain moment and combined into a fertilized egg, safely implanted inside the uterus. Later, as time goes by, it will grow out of the mother’s body after ten months and become a small baby. However, a man’s sperm may be there every day, and a woman’s egg will not be there every day. A woman has an ovulation period. Many women who want to have a successful pregnancy usually choose to increase their fertilization rate during ovulation, but some women do not ovulate. What if women don’t ovulate? 1. Emotional regulation The regulation of the hormone gonadotropin in the female reproductive axis is mainly caused by abnormal hypothalamic input signals. The treatment of this type of ovulation disorder involves the adjustment of psychotherapy and lifestyle, so that it can be restored. Thalamic-pituitary-ovarian function. Therefore, patients should pay attention to emotional stability, prevent high-intensity work, and maintain a relaxed and happy mood. 2, the combination of Chinese and Western medicine induced ovulation doctors based on the etiology, pathogenesis and patient response to drugs to comprehensive judgment and rational choice of medication. Usually take clomiphene and other ovulation drugs or Chinese medicine treatment. In general, clomiphene citrate and other ovulation-promoting drugs have obvious effects, but the side effects are large and need to be taken under the guidance of a doctor. Treatment of traditional Chinese medicine according to different conditions: (1) For patients with kidney deficiency and yin deficiency: mainly manifested as long-term infertility, dizziness, tinnitus, soft back and knees, dry mouth and throat, cold hands and feet, irregular menstruation, weak pulse number. The main treatment method is to nourish the kidney and nourish the liver. (2) Patients with kidney deficiency and yang deficiency: mainly manifested as infertility after marriage, mental wilting, cold limbs, cold menarche, late menstruation, menstrual disorders, thin and thin legs, soft backache, clear urine color, pale tongue, pulse Subtle and weak. If the basal body temperature is mostly single-phase, the hormone levels in the body often indicate no ovulation. For the kidney deficiency and yang deficiency type anovulatory infertility, mainly to warm the kidney and help the yang, regulate menstruation and promote pregnancy. (3) patients with liver stagnation and kidney deficiency: liver stagnation, dysfunction, qi and blood loss, rushing disorders, kidney deficiency can not be refined into pregnancy. Mainly manifested as long-term infertility, depression and depression, menstruation has no regular, edema or agglomeration before menstruation, less abdominal stagflation. The moss is thin and the pulse string is fine. For this type of anovulatory infertility, the treatment of Shugan Yishen and Tiaojing seeds is adopted. (4) Patients with kidney deficiency: mostly due to obesity. The body of obesity is damp and wet. The lipid membrane is stagnant in Chongren; the kidney deficiency cannot be warmed and damp, so it is infertile. Performance is long infertility, physical obesity, rare menstruation, Shenpi Burnout, heavy limbs, lazy to move, lethargy, thick and sticky, sexual indifference. The greasy tongue is fat and the veins are smooth. In this regard, the use of open and damp, kidney and help pregnancy treatment. 3, surgical treatment: laparoscopic drilling is suitable for the treatment of clopidogrel ovulation ineffective, laparoscopic polycystic ovary with electrocoagulation or laser technology puncture and perforation, combined with traditional Chinese medicine treatment of pregnancy rate is high, and Can avoid postoperative adhesions. 4, diet treatment: (1) lotus seed pork belly ingredients: lotus seeds, pork belly, the right amount. System of law: Wash the pig’s belly, into the lotus seeds, tie the ends tightly, set the pot to simmer, add salt and MSG to eat. Efficacy: There are spleen tonic and Qi. Indications: Applicable to ovulation dysfunction dysfunction infertility. (2) 枸杞 sheep kidney porridge Ingredients: 500 grams of medlar, 1 pair of sheep kidney, 250 grams of mutton, 250 grams of glutinous rice, 5 grams of scallion. System of law: Wash the sheep kidney, smash into the end, wash the scorpion, all into the casserole, porridge, until the meat is cooked, the rice is rotten. How to use: Eat meat and porridge. 2 times a day, morning and evening fasting warm clothes. Efficacy: porridge warms kidney yang, and spleen. Indications: Applicable to ovulation dysfunction infertility with kidney yang deficiency. It is better to use it with the soup. What are the hazards of non-ovulation? 1. Ovulation dysfunction may lead to the emergence of cancer in women. What are the hazards of women not ovulating? If the female ovary does not ovulate for a long time, the sex hormone metabolism disorder, the endometrium hyperplasia and no periodic progesterone antagonistic effect, prone to endometrial cancer and breast cancer. 2, the biggest harm to ovulation dysfunction to women is infertility. Because fertility is a woman’s duty, if a woman can’t have a baby, what a serious blow. Therefore, causing female infertility is the greatest harm to women caused by ovulation dysfunction. 3, ovulation dysfunction will bring a series of menstrual problems for women. Ovulation dysfunction can also lead to a series of menstrual problems such as menstrual disorders and amenorrhea in women, and can also cause symptoms such as hairiness and obesity in women. How to prevent ovulation? 1. Should women control weight? How to prevent ovulation disorders? Keeping good body weight, obesity, or too thin female patients will interfere with the coordination of the endocrine system. Controlling weight helps prevent and Treatment of ovulation disorders. 2, should pay attention to the impact of diet cola and other infertility, although there is no consistent conclusion, but generally recommended should not be excessive. In addition, smoking, drinking, both men and women will affect fertility, women do not ovulate at the same time in the diet should pay attention to avoid eating too much high-calorie food. 3 Attention to changes in the menstrual cycle, it is particularly pointed out that the normal holiday cycle is about 25-35 days. When approaching the ovulation period, the woman’s vagina will have a little secretion. Summary: In real life, many women have a situation of not ovulating. It is definitely difficult for pregnancy. Before marriage, we must conduct pre-marital examination, so that we can clearly understand our physical condition as soon as possible, and we can treat it in time to avoid being afraid of marriage. The baby affects the couple and the relationship between the elders. Early detection and early treatment can bring the love of two people early. During treatment, you should pay attention to emotional stability, prevent high-intensity work, maintain a relaxed and happy mood, and maintain a normal heart for the couple’s life. Don’t be pregnant for pregnancy, but it does not have much effect.