What kind of mental preparation should be done before the husband and wife live together?

After the couple’s previous relationship develops to a certain degree of intimacy, they will want to cohabit. I hope that I can see each other with my eyes open every day. This shows that the feelings of the two people have reached a certain level, and they can face the rice and oil vinegar together. Tea has lived, but the cohabitation of two people means that all the shortcomings are exposed, so all mental preparations should be done. 9, pay attention to the personal image, there is no relationship with the plains, can not dress too much, do not let the other party secretly swear at the bottom of my heart, “it is like her at home.” Even if you live together at home, you should pay attention to your own appearance, and you can do it in the face of the sky, but don’t appear in front of him, destroying the beauty in his mind. With the above preparations, couples will have a better trial marriage experience.