How can couples be more loving after marriage?

The couple is still in the process of sweet love before marriage. However, it is very enviable to be loved and married after marriage. Those who are in marriage and who are about to enter the marriage all want to be able to love each other, so how can they enjoy this? What are the happiness? The following three points are the experience of loving couples. You can refer to: 1. Psychological “run-in” The couple’s personality, hobbies and living habits are not exactly the same. Only by constantly “running in” under the premise of mutual respect can they adapt to each other. . The other party should be respected and allowed to have their own unique interests and hobbies, try to meet the psychological needs of the other party, and should participate in the activities of the other party and share the fun. Xia and his wife wrote poems together and shared their interests and language. At the same time, we should fully understand and respect each other’s living habits, love their identity, and respect them. An old couple, one is from Zhejiang and the other is from Heilongjiang; One likes to eat rice, one likes to eat pasta. After a long period of “run-in”, they constantly changed their habits, ate the food of the taste of the South and the North, and spent the rest of their lives in harmony. Older couples should pay attention to emotional communication, so that the process of “run-in” becomes a process of emotional interaction and deepening. 2, the psychological “help” The step-by-step marriage of the people seeking to greet the partners can give spiritual support and life care, which is irreplaceable by other relatives. When one side is troubled and depressed due to physiological changes or certain accidents, the other side’s psychological “help” and life care will make the other party spiritually comforted. When the other party is sick, it is necessary not only to use the language of care to ask about the condition, to inspire the other party to overcome the confidence of the disease, to minimize the psychological pressure of the other party, but also to bring him to the doctor in time. If the other party encounters unpleasant things such as losing money or missing items, avoid blaming it hard, but try to appease it to ease the psychological burden. Married people have troubles, always want to find someone to tell a story, a spit is quick, this kind of catharsis is of course the ideal of their partner. Therefore, either party should not blame the other party for being narrow-minded or annoying, but should take the initiative to accept the other party’s catharsis, and provide comfort, guidance, and relief of their inner pain, so that the two sides can be accompanied by happiness. 3, psychological “preservation” Couples in the daily life year after year, due to the daily triviality and the lapse of freshness, easy to tend to be too realistic and lack of romance, to meet the status quo and remain dull, too dull life is often easy to let others succumb And enter. Therefore, both sides must continue to create charm to continue to attract each other and to meet each other’s needs of love and sex. In daily life, I like more and appreciate each other, such as “You are beautiful in wearing this dress”, “You are very good today”, etc., so that the other party feels your concern for him and keeps the charm of the opposite sex for you. . A healthy and harmonious sex life is an important part of the husband’s psychological “preservation”. Couples often cause sexual disability due to excessive stress on one side, and the other side will care and comfort, and discuss ways to better suit their own sexual love. Couples should pay more attention to their desires, and maintain mutual and emotional life with mutual attention and mutual support. Zhang Xueliang once wrote poems: “Because the heroes of the ancient times are more lascivious, they may not be heroes; I am not a hero, but only a hero.” I wish everyone a good marriage. Although I am not a hero, only a good color is like a hero. I wish everyone a good marriage. Although I am not a hero, only a good color is like a hero. I wish everyone a good marriage.