The first time between husband and wife, you experienced a few

Lead: After love runs, the two loved ones are finally married. From then on, there is a man in the world who will be with the wind and rain, and he will be more intimate than anyone else. In the future life, two people will face more ups and downs together. Every couple will encounter five “firsts”, specifically: the first job change, no matter who the work of the couple has changed, whether it is promotion or dereliction of duty, dismissal, or being sent to a branch office, It will cause fluctuations in the family. At this time, the relationship between husband and wife is placed in a secondary position, and work takes priority. Changes in work not only mean changes in economic conditions, but also change status, power, self-esteem and the other party’s perception of themselves in the relationship between the two sexes. Work and money are directly linked to their own sense of security and self-worth. Because the first major work changes in marriage will inevitably lead to these problems, by solving these problems, we can promote a sense of responsibility and collaboration between husband and wife. When any member of the first big surgery family is sick, life will change dramatically. The disease not only changes the order of life, but also gives everyone the opportunity to observe and test how the other person cares about the patient. Observe how you face the disease, the fear of death, and the fragility of life. If you are healthy, ask your husband what you can do for him. Remember one thing: even with him, it can be a good comfort. Shelan’s husband took time off to take care of the land at home, and the gap between them was quickly closed. During her illness, she was very weak and completely stopped her sex life, but her husband’s meticulous care deepened their physical intimacy. The first divorce is not, this is not for you, but the process of divorce of your good friend is like a test of your own marriage. You start to think: What is causing the rift between husband and wife, why is divorce the only way to solve the problem? You can help friends, but also cry for friends, but if you have a dispute over someone else’s divorce, even quarrel, or put If your friend’s question is mapped into your family life, then take a step back! Leave someone else’s problem and plan some romantic actions, such as a weekend excursion or a candlelit dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant.