See how other people’s wives “do it”

Lead: Many women have had masturbation before marriage, but they have a sense of guilt in the subconscious. Therefore, it is difficult for them to have orgasm after marriage. Even some women are not interested in the sex life after marriage, but instead miss the caress before marriage. So, how to improve women’s sexual pleasure? 2, relax their own mentality There are many women, often facing the edge of the climax and not available, making them very painful. In fact, if they can fully relax their minds, supplemented by positive sexual fantasies, and properly contract the muscles associated with sexual activity, paving the way for the sudden release of muscle tension, then the arrival of the climax is natural. It’s up. 3, sexual intercourse can not be fixed in fact, many women can not reach orgasm, often associated with improper position. Both husband and wife should look for a more appropriate angle, so that the clitoris and G-spot can be more stimulated. In general, sex is the most sincere exchange of feelings. If there is no knit feeling, then the quality of sex will be greatly reduced. When cooperating, men should let their women fully relax and release themselves. In this way, a woman can naturally reach a climax. The sexual satisfaction of both sides will further enhance the sexual desire of both parties, thus forming a benign cycle of sexual love.