Learn to communicate, let her husband become a shopper

Lead: Men have such a characteristic, that is, the purpose is very strong. For example, a man needs a pair of pants, so if it is an hour’s drive from home to the clothing store, then he will spend an hour to go to the clothing store, then maybe pick up the pants in ten minutes, then spend an hour to go home. . They will never buy extra trousers and spend extra time buying vegetables and fruits. Women, on the other hand, do things more casually and think about what it is. At the same time, men have to plan things properly and make women feel breathless. For example, at 11 am, the couple is ready to go to the streets. The husband is afraid of what is left behind, and writes everything to be done on paper: go to eat KFC, go to the exhibition hall, watch movies, buy books, buy salt and spices, and then break into the pocket after writing. The wife protested: “Do you have to plan every minute?” The husband kept watching the watch, but his wife said, “Don’t worry, I will be fine soon.” When watching a movie, the husband bought a ticket and then went to In the bathroom, I have to enter the field early to find a better position. The wife did not do it. He kept saying that there is still a lot of time. I can go to the pet store next to the theater to buy one of her favorite kittens. The husband said, “What are we doing? Is it to enjoy the movie with the cat?” But the husband finally married his wife and had to enter the cinema 10 minutes late! Many women like to spend time at will, but men are different, they have plans and purposes, so Slowly, few men are willing to go shopping with women. For example, if his wife is on the street, her husband is involved, and her physical strength is no problem. Most of them are tired. Finally, when a woman wants to go to the streets, the man will drive away. If men and women can understand each other’s psychological differences during their free time, I think that both sides have restrained their actions and may receive unexpected results.