How do women feel about their first sexual life?

Women’s feelings about their first sexual life are positive and negative, which is closely related to the feelings of both sides. That is to say, although most women will bleed for the first time, there will be different degrees of pain, but because of the good feelings of both sexes, women will regard this experience as an obligation and thus have a sense of belonging; And if the relationship between the two sides is not good, it will aggravate the feeling of disgust. First, the first experience is based on positive feelings – sense of obligation and sense of belonging “The first life is very painful, especially painful. I really accept it for love, because love will endure, it will pay. He I can’t bear it, saying, look at your painful look. After the first time, I feel that the people in the world have changed. When I see someone on the street, I think, he will do it at night. It seems that I saw the other side of the person.” “We have been unsuccessful in sex since we got married. We only succeeded after a few days. There is no pleasure, only psychological satisfaction.” “We have sex after registration, then I haven’t held a wedding yet. The first time I didn’t feel anything except the pain. I felt like I was an adult.” “We didn’t feel anything for the first time. I felt a little nervous, not very painful, and came over in a confused way.” “My first sexual life was 21 years old, before marriage. I didn’t feel particularly hurt. I had no sex with him before marriage. Before marriage, he worried that he was not good. He felt that he was too old (more than 30 years old), nervous, and more. worry Feeling. He had a lot of psychological pressure on the wedding day. He shot when he didn’t put it in the night. He said at the time: I can’t, we have to get divorced. It’s only a month or so after marriage. I am a little bit painful and have a little blood. His penis is too small and not physically strong, so his psychological pressure is high.” “I remember that the first time I didn’t let him do this, other things I want to do, because I don’t want children. He said that it is very rare like me. I dared to do it after eating the contraceptive pill. I didn’t have any impression on this for the first time. It didn’t seem to hurt, I didn’t know that there was a climax. He didn’t know.” One gave himself the first time. A woman with a woman’s husband described her feelings: He came to my dormitory that day, and that was my first-time life. He pressed me to the bed and there was a little pain after entering. Before that, I only knew that men had to enter the woman’s body, but I don’t know where to go. After he entered, I had a feeling that the two were united. I think, that is to say, we have to live together, there is a feeling that ‘I am his person’. Second, the first experience is based on negative feelings – disgusting women who have a feeling of disgusting pain when recalling the first-time life experience, most of them are not divorced, or have a bad relationship with their husbands. From this point of view, sexual life and marital relationship are closely related, but it is difficult to assert that the two are causing the consequences; it is very likely that they are mutually causal – because of bad feelings, they are disgusted with sex life; And because the impression of sex life is very bad, the relationship between husband and wife is worse. A divorced woman recalls her first-time life: “The first-time experience feels too bad. I didn’t talk about love before I got married. I didn’t like him very much at first, I felt very awkward. He The first time I lived, I urinated my urine (Beijing proverb: one), which made me feel bad. I have never liked sex life. I have never been caressed, I have never been loved, only humiliated. Feeling.” “The first time it hurt, bleeding, not very successful. He didn’t let me sleep that night, did it four times. Finally I cried, sat up and said to him, what are you doing! It has been very painful for the next few days, and it won’t hurt after a month.” “The first time I didn’t feel pain, he was premature ejaculation. I was very disgusted, although I didn’t say it, but he could feel it. Until this time, I have never seen a male genital, I have only seen a child, and I feel very irritated.” “The first time I was scared, I felt hurt, I felt shocked, I didn’t like it, I was not happy, my heart was not comfortable. I like men most. Just hold a hug, caress, just do it. “Some women don’t feel good about their first experience, not because of the resentment of the matter itself, but because the object of the first-time relationship is not the husband but the lover, the psychological pressure is too great: “My first time is not With my husband, I was not small at the time. I remember that when I kissed, I was very scared and hated people. I felt that he had harmed me. I think it was a kind of fear from instinct, invisible and what I suffered from childhood. I am related to Chinese education. I was initially rejecting this matter. He begged me. I always refused. In the end, I really couldn’t do it. In fact, his traditional morality is also very strong. We are just ordinary male and female friends. He has a wife. I am still very important for the first time.” Although women feel very different about their first sexual experience, most of them are very serious about it because it is the “life” in their life experience. once”. There are many “firsts” in a person’s life. I remember a mother who said how she observed her child’s “first time” with joy: first time, first time walk, first literacy, etc. . However, in the minds of many women, the first-time life has different meanings from other “first time”—the loss of virginity, becoming “adult” and becoming a different person from the past; this feeling should be It is mainly from psychological rather than physiological. That is to say, the difference between this “first time” and the other “first time” mainly comes from the norms of society, from the special meaning given by society for sexual behavior (such as the concept of virginity, etc.). This feeling should be seen primarily as a result of psychology rather than physiology. That is to say, the difference between this “first time” and the other “first time” mainly comes from the norms of society, from the special meaning given by society for sexual behavior (such as the concept of virginity, etc.).