Sexual performance of husband and wife in different periods

Sexual intercourse is the most direct and optimal way to satisfy sexual desire. In the process of intercourse, the two sexes have an indescribable psychological experience. This kind of experience is very subtle and magical. With the first experience, I look forward to the second time. This leads to the irresistible charm of the two sexes, which makes the sex life long-lasting and often new. This experience of sexual intercourse brings satisfaction, happiness, and happiness to people, and promotes the further development of sex. In the whole process of sexual intercourse, with the physiological changes, there will be corresponding psychological changes. The physiological changes of each pair of sexual partners are not the same, so there may be different levels of psychological experience, some are unremarkable, some are ecstasy, and drunk are desperate to die. This sexual ability, sexual experience and sexual feelings have a great relationship. . There are different psychological experiences in different stages of interaction. During the excitement period, both sides of the mental preparation for sexual intercourse have been subjected to various stimuli to make the sexual desire reach an unstoppable level. The fire is burning, full of tension, and the movement is involuntarily. Both sides have strong desire for genital contact, and the two meet each other. During the plateau period, as the penis rubs in the vagina, the physical combination brings a psychological euphoria. The two sides are incomparably close and dependent, and hate cannot be integrated. The psychological experience is reinforced with physiological changes. To enhance and extend this psychological experience, many sexual experiences use a variety of techniques to achieve this goal. The beginning of the female orgasm climax is mostly accompanied by an emotion that instantly hangs and floats out. Next, I felt strongly that the clitoris part grew a warm current, gradually spread through the pelvis, and finally felt the genital muscles convulsions and convulsions, and the pelvis moved to the peak of orgasm. In the process of orgasm, human perception and consciousness decline, light stun feel, and even faint because of sexual pleasure. Therefore, the sudden stop of the female body tension, the soft body is the sign of the arrival of orgasm. Men began to ejaculate for the arrival of orgasm. Near the time of ejaculation, an impulse makes it difficult for people to make self-control. As semen is excreted, you will experience the extreme pleasure and satisfaction of libido. In every sex, men must reach this level to be a perfect match. After the experience of sexual orgasm, the two sides fully experienced the joy of sexual intercourse. The sexual love between the two sexes was further enhanced. Mutual gratitude was born, and I fully realized that love is dedication, how much love is given to each other, how much love can be obtained. Love is mutual, and all kinds of tenderness are not in the air. Due to the difference in physiological responses between men and women, the length of the tail is different after the climax. After the climax of the male, the retreat period is the first task of rest, or can immediately engage in other activities. Women are not, after the climax, the aftertaste is not exhausted, and it needs a step closer. Physical and psychological stimulation can make sexual feelings perfect, and feel satisfied with sexual intercourse. Continued caressing during the retreat period is essential for women. Otherwise, women will think that men are selfish and only show their own happiness. The feeling of being abandoned and left out of women reduces their sexual interest. On the wedding night, the groom’s nervousness is beyond words. The bride waited for the groom’s attack, and the groom was uneasy about whether he could succeed in one fell swoop. Therefore, on the first night, because the two sides are fascinated by the moment of ecstasy, they are intertwined with the eagerness to seek success. Coupled with the incomprehensible cooperation between the two sides, they often cannot step into or fall into the cloud of love. in. Generally speaking, although the combination of the first night is not perfect, as long as there is no big deviation, the two sides will be satisfied and satisfied with the combination of sex, and it is not demanding perfection. This is also a reflection of love. In the middle-aged stage of sexual love, the sexual desire of men is greater than that of women. In the middle-aged stage, this model is reversed. Many women who have been married for many years have become more and more enthusiastic and urgent about sex life. If marriage is based on love, the sexual desire of both parties gradually grows in learning, often regular sexual intercourse, resulting in physical intimacy, accumulating successful experience of sexual intercourse, making women’s sexual desire mature. Women between the ages of 30 and 40 are at the most mature stage of sexual feeling. They feel that too much love has accumulated on their body and they have not yet played, which has led to unprecedented sexy and eagerness. The reason why women are mature between 30-40 years old is to lose their shame and dare to reflect themselves. Most women have a sense of guilt at the beginning of sexual intercourse, enthusiasm for sexual life, sexual life is not active, and will not boldly expose the instinct for sexual desire. In the middle age, the eyes are no longer young, and a mood for compensation is born. She will cherish the youth that is about to pass away with a hundred times of enthusiasm. She is more concerned about sex than ever, and will boldly seek to find that she has not had much in the past. Wonderful enjoyment. Therefore, women usually overcome all taboos around the age of 35, and the development of lust reaches saturation point. This is the time when sexual desire is the strongest and desire is satisfied. The second is the accumulation of sexual experience. As her sexual life increased, she gradually adapted to the feelings of sex and experienced happiness and enjoyment. Although the sexual relationship after the wedding is harmonious, it is not necessarily fascinating, and the original experience is generally not so profound, but now it is quite different. Third, it began to relieve many physical and psychological burdens, and improved living conditions, so that she can devote more energy to the pursuit of sex. Fourth, it is willing to make the husband get sexual satisfaction and reduce the emotional transfer of the husband.