You are the praise of the marriage or the bad judge

Everyone will eventually step into a marriage, or look forward to, or yearn for. However, how to run a marriage has always been a course we continue to learn. Today, I want to tell you: in marriage, have you done the “likes” or “bad appraisers”? Xiao Bian recommended: Black sex time, couples need to be wary of how couples love how to do it forever Friends L and P, although they are different from one man to one woman, they have two things in common: First, they are especially good at finding false and ugly from the truth, goodness and beauty, and can find the slot when they are big, then Beginning 叨叨; second, their partners are not good, L’s wife is wilting all year round, his face is sallow, P’s husband is always weak, and his eyelids hang down all year round. At first, I couldn’t understand the reason until I contacted the two couples several times, and everything seemed clear. L likes to call a friend to eat at home, because the full-time housewife L is cooking, and there are surprises in West Point and Chinese food. When Mrs. L washes the dishes, I walked up to her and praised him: “Hey, your dishes are so good!” “She was surprised: “Is it true? General ordinary home cooking, L has never been boasted.” I was trying to add a sentence “He is in the blessings and do not know”, just listen to the sound of L sound in the living room: “How is the baby’s pants dirty!” We rushed out of the kitchen and saw a piece of paint on the L’s trousers. L兀 complained, and the wife stayed at home all day, but she didn’t find it. How? When the mother. Mrs. L was very forbearing, quite a face to her husband, silently took out clean pants and replaced the four-year-old child. I looked at this decent family, the living room was comfortable and clean, the baby toys were neatly stacked in the storage box, the food was nutritious and delicious, and my heart could not help but admire: These, need a woman to pay much patience and care. However, an irrelevant dirty trousers is enough to write off all the advantages, in exchange for a huge bad rating given by L. In such a day, how can a woman exalted and rejuvenate? P’s husband is a polite warm man, and his dedication is quite awkward. Once, I took their ride to the hotel where I didn’t go to the house. I experienced a “missing world” for myself. P almost complained from the beginning and always denounced to the destination. “Oh, I just had to be elevated, you don’t have long eyes!” “There is a one-way road, are you still going to turn in?” “The silly hat actually rushed us to honk, and quickly overtook him!” “You are The most embarrassing person I have ever seen driving! “But even then, P does not let her husband install GPS, because it is too noisy. As soon as I arrive at the destination, I quickly jumped out of the car and quickly thanked the P couple. P’s husband has almost a face with depression.” On the accusation, how can a man be confident and full of enthusiasm? There are no great men and no beautiful women between husband and wife. What we face all day long is the ordinary person on the pillow. The famous point of the Republic of China Zhan Shi, male god Hu Shi, married a well-known little literate wife Jiang Dongxiu, but people are not picky and not blame, but also encourage the little wife to “do not talk about people”, began to “place the feet”, under the guidance of the male god The wife learns culture, looks at the classical novels, and the names of the singers in “Dream of Red Mansions” can be recited as a few treasures, and they also learned to write letters. Master Hu was trapped in an island in his old age, still without losing his humor, and occasionally saw a piece of commemorative coin engraved with The word PTT is said to be issued by the “Afraid Mrs.” (the first word Pinyin PTT) association. It also compiles a series of new “three from four”, the wife has to go out, the wife has to pay for it, and so on. A member of the PTT Association. For a lifetime, Mrs. Hu was ridiculed for her arrogance and beauty, and she took care of Hu’s masters and blessings. A pair of men and women, the encounter is already a fate, the love is even more difficult, and the knots are exhausted. For husband and wife, it is really a matter of time and place, and the emotions of the waters are ripe. The love of young people, silkworm cocoons are generally entwined, secretly, can not wait to poke the screen to praise each other; in middle age, it seems like moths break, It’s not easy to be lazy and gray, and it’s not easy to give the other party a bad review. Most people, it’s less than seven years old, and it’s been a stranger to go halfway. When I loved his flying personality, now I’m hot. The newly-changed mansion of the girlfriends, so his injustice becomes irresponsible, and he needs several times to sue the complaints; once she loves her simple kindness, what she likes now is the feeling of looking back and smiling, so her simplicity It became a dull, and it was superfluous to look up. How many couples, in the long years, hard to break the advantages of each other, become opponents who do not appreciate each other, in the marriage, in marriage In the arena, use all your strength and exhaust your life to be the bad judges of each other. Stable marriages are all kinds of things. It’s not unusual to even love you, but it’s not necessarily important. The most rare thing is that the passions retreat, time flies, Still praised by the other party, still feel that everything is the best arrangement, everything is the best choice. Therefore, behind every sweet woman, most of them have a generous man’s silent support; There is also a silent support for a tolerant woman. They appreciate each other’s strengths, tolerate their shortcomings, and to praise each other. This kind of appreciation, like a brilliant pen, is to discover the potential and talent that the other party can’t realize, and build the other half into a treasure house instead of hitting it into a garbage dump. 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