Amazing changes in men after 7 years of marriage

No matter how much a man is loyal to you when he is in love, in the few years after his marriage, he is likely to become stunned. You must know that love and marriage are different. Men after marriage pay more attention to it. In fact, it has become more rational. Today, women will come together to see what the amazing changes in men’s marriage after 7 years. The first year of marriage in the first year of marriage, there is not much difference between you and love. The sweet love of women, such as glue-like paint, see other couples fighting and quarreling things can still go on, I feel incredible, I feel that kind of noisy days away The women are very far away. In the second year of the second year of marriage, you started a little quarrel. When the quarrel, the woman broke a delicate and expensive timepiece, cried for 40 minutes, and then took it back to her family. I thought, divorce! Women never live with a person who quarrels with themselves. Every day after work, he will go to the unit to pick up the woman, take the initiative to admit the mistake, let the woman go home with him. The woman sullenly ignores him and does not go home with him. Until half a month later, he bought a large bouquet of flowers to pick up a woman, and took the initiative to accompany the woman to the supermarket. The woman counted his crimes for 10 minutes, and finally added a warning: “You will never be forgiven in the future.” He is silent. , agree. There was a slight change in the marital status in the third year of the third year of marriage. When quarreling, the woman broke a few cheap glasses, cried for 30 minutes, then went to a friend’s house for a few days, and he called the woman a few times. The woman will go home. He cleared the broken glass slag on the ground, but the woman still ignored him. Do not come out in the bedroom when eating. He knocked at the door and said, “The chicken stewed gourd is done, come out to eat. He knocked the door twice and the woman came out to eat with him.” He told the woman that he was wrong, would like to correct, and asked if the woman could Forgive him. Woman is silent. When she was quarreling in the fourth year of marriage, the woman broke a pot of the little spider plant she had cultivated, cried for 20 minutes, and then strolled downstairs for a day. After returning home, seeing him sitting on the sofa and watching TV, the living room is still a mess. The broken leaves of the spider plant and the fragments of the flower pot were lost. The woman took the initiative to clean it up. He made a dinner and sat down to eat himself. The woman herself sat in a bowl of rice sitting opposite him, and he said who is right and wrong, he is not okay. In the fifth year of marriage, the fifth year of marriage, when you quarreled, there was some collapse. The woman threw a cushion from the sofa to the ground, cried for 10 minutes, and then rushed from the living room to the bedroom. No one did dinner. He stood on the balcony and smoked. The woman took the initiative to get out of the bedroom, picked up the cushions, made a dinner that she loved, and went to bed after eating. He went to the restaurant outside to have dinner, and when he came back, the woman took the initiative and he Speaking, and he makes sense, he said fiercely: women are not wrong! In the sixth year of marriage, the netizen red rose said that when the women quarreled, the woman did not throw anything. I only cried for five minutes, and I only changed my position in the living room. He lived in a friend’s house and did not return for a few days. The woman called him and begged him to go home. Take the initiative to make a dinner he loves, for his meal, tell him that the woman is wrong, willing to correct, and ask if he can forgive the woman. He is silent. In the seventh year of your marriage, the seventh year of your marriage, that is, the seven-year itch, when you quarrel, the woman did not cry. And quarreled in the morning, admit mistakes in the afternoon, take the initiative to accompany him to watch the game. He counted the woman’s guilt for dozens of minutes, and finally added a warning: “You will never be forgiven in the future!” The woman is silent and agrees.