7 tactics help couples get perfection

Now, please calm down and remember the past. In your past, do you have any ecstasy love that you still miss today? Most of my sexually experienced people have memories that can be memorable. It’s just the feeling of being happy in memory. Why can’t I find it now. As long as the method is right, perfect sex is at your fingertips. The method can always enjoy high quality sex, a high quality sex, can bring ecstasy happiness, and even make people unforgettable. A survey by French sexologists found that after 20 years of marriage, many 80% of couples will often relive the “perfect sex” of the year. In fact, quality sex is not an option, as long as you work hard, you can often enjoy that wonderful moment. Sexuality does not begin with undressing. “For women, sex does not begin with a straitjacket, but rather begins with the moment of contact with a man.” British sex expert Dr. Bonnie Jacobson pointed out in his book. At least 1 to 2 days before sex, you should arrange at least two romantic contact opportunities. Send a small gift, watch a romantic movie together, or send a flirting text message during the work. These actions will increase your expectation of sex, especially Women enter the state faster. Xiao Bian recommended: Another kind of kiss skills let couples kiss more and more love sex when you do not do 5 things sex places to be secret and clean and tidy Dr. Jacobson said, before sex, to make “bedding clean, quiet environment And the heart is clean.” Clean and tidy bedding is a prerequisite for sex, cotton sheets and large beds are the best choice. A quiet environment means no noise, no family disturbances. Clearness in the heart means that there is no side to heart, don’t worry about it. A proper foreplay of at least 6 minutes of foreplay before sexual intercourse is important to both parties. It helps women to produce secretions in the vagina and helps men to increase erection stiffness. Dr. Kurt, a psychologist and sexual therapist in Michigan, pointed out that the best “sexual foreplay” should satisfy the four needs of people’s vision, touch, smell and hearing, and talk about teasing, breathing, kissing and caressing… The time is usually 6 to 10 minutes. Substantial delivery time of more than 7 minutes Researchers at the Bilde College in Pennsylvania, USA, found that substantial love (sexual contact) is most appropriate in 7 to 13 minutes. More than 13 minutes, male fatigue will increase, and it is more difficult to restore physical strength; In less than 7 minutes, the two sides will not know what to expect, so they are worried that the health can be sprayed with LELO’s toy cleaning spray to kill bacteria before sex. A new survey by the Scientific Contraceptives into the Sexual Love Research Institute shows that doing good contraception can make both parties have no worries and more commitments in sex. Contraceptives and condoms are good choices. Of course, if you have decided to have a baby, then relax and enjoy. Talking about sex makes you happier It is estimated that about 90% of those who are not happy in sexual life are because they feel that talking about sex is very embarrassing. Worried that your partner can’t accept criticism? You may be surprised by his reaction. In a recent sexual census, about 95 percent of men want their girlfriends to talk to them about what she likes and dislikes in bed. (Source: Life Times) Guess what you like: Outdoor passion to create perfect sex, husband has good sex, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn