Why do couples have the highest divorce rate after the 1980s?

As the mainstream figure of modern marriage, the post-80s group not only has a high marriage rate, but also the highest divorce rate. The young couple in love is always sweet and affectionate. However, when they live together after marriage, they do not understand tolerance and tolerance. They often have conflicts and disputes because of some small problems, and even the point of divorce. Then, as a couple after the 80s, what is the reason for them to get into the divorce? Let’s take a look at the factors that led to their divorce. Xiaobian recommended: Helping you to clean up the marriage garbage 1. Household disputes and housework disputes are the most important problems encountered by young couples in the 1980s, and they are also the most prone to contradictions. Nowadays, most young men and women are only children, and they are not used to doing housework. The reason why many young couples have disputes is that they are quarreling about who should cook and who wash dishes. It is a bit of a fuss! But everyone thinks that this matter should be done by the other party, but never looks at the issue from an objective perspective. In fact, housework should be shared by both parties. The husband and wife should respect each other and understand each other so that they can create a harmonious and happy family life. Therefore, we should avoid this problem and do housework together. Whoever does more work and who does less work should not care too much. 2. Parents’ intervention in parental intervention, although not directly responsible for the cause of divorce, is an indirect factor. Some newlyweds, if they are aggrieved, like to complain to their parents about the other party. And many parents, no matter who is right or wrong, just shelter their children and count each other, resulting in the contradiction between the two people and even become the contradiction between the two families. For young couples, they should learn to make big things small and small things, not to make small things big. Moreover, you have become a family, and some things should learn to solve themselves, rather than letting parents come forward to solve them. Not only let the elderly worry, but also deepen the contradictions between the two sides. 3, property differences, whether it is the current 80 couples, or other, will be contradictory because of this problem, to the point of divorce. Therefore, for the young couple after the 80s, it will also be a contradiction in the issue of property money. For example, the woman dislikes the man and makes too little money. The man dislikes the woman and does not know how to be frugal, because he is not satisfied and blames the other party. To know that money is the foundation of a happy marriage, husband and wife should have a good plan for the family’s property. Two people should discuss more and encourage more and work together for a happy life. 4, the issue of sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse, is also one of the factors that lead to the breakdown of marital relations. Today’s young couples are more open to sexual intercourse and therefore have more needs. Whether it’s a variety of fresh tricks, or the most fashionable sex toys of the moment, you want to try it out. But for some women, the sex is still relatively conservative, and there will be rejection of these. The husband also felt that the wife did not understand him, and the wife felt that the husband only considered his own feelings and did not consider himself. Over time, there was a contradiction, which led to the breakdown of feelings. 5, the affliction of the affair, is undoubtedly the most deadly blow to marriage, no matter who this affair comes from. Even some husbands are in the arms of his wife. An extramarital affair occurs during pregnancy or breastfeeding, leaving the wife unhappy. The world is full of temptations. Whether it is a man or a woman, you should have the ability to resist temptation and self-control. You can have your own opposite sex, but you must be focused, and only then can you build a good relationship. Similarly, we should also work harder to get along with each other, harmonious husband and wife, perfect sexual intercourse, is the basic guarantee to block the affair. The above five factors are the reasons for the soaring divorce rate of the young couple after the 80s. Everyone must pay more attention to these aspects in order to make the marriage longer. Guess what you like: The best thing about leaving the house for a few days is that she doesn’t want to go home. Please pay attention to the Feihua Health and Sexual Channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn