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The most intimate relationship between men and women in the world is no more than husband and wife. The husband and wife are two strangers, who have come together after a long journey of love and the running-in in life. Such intimate relationships require sincerity, strong feelings, and harmony and satisfaction. The famous American physiologist Murray summed up the psychological needs of human beings. How can couples reach their hearts and minds, and they need to understand each other’s psychological needs in order to achieve harmony and happiness. Therefore, it is concluded that the husband and wife harmony must meet the six psychological needs of both parties. The first psychological need: respect for each other’s self-esteem is at an early age. Once it is damaged, it will be painful. If you are respected, you will feel gratified and satisfied. Mutual respect and trust between husband and wife is the basic guarantee for deepening the success of love and career. Any reprimand or contempt, and demeaning the lover will damage the other’s self-esteem. This is the most important thing to ignore. The second psychological need: autonomy and performance everyone wants to act according to their own thoughts and will. This is the need for autonomy. Everything that listens to me will kill each other’s autonomy. Everyone wants to express themselves in front of others, so they can use their talents as much as possible, use their wisdom, create considerable labor results, and satisfy their performance psychology. Couples often want to admire themselves by language or behavior to make each other happy, surprised, and fascinated. The third psychological need: communication and social society are the source of human life. Inexhaustible. The practice of not allowing lover to interact with others not only does not guarantee the specificity of love, but on the contrary, it will lead to the destruction of psychological balance, boredom with family life, resentment towards lover, and boredom, so that love suffocates and dies. The result can only break the marriage. Xiaobian Recommended: The man who hates the “female man” Behavior, how to help couples in the last ten years of marriage, the fourth kind of psychological needs: hobbies and feelings have their own hobbies, you love watching movies, he loves to play, should meet each other’s psychological needs and provide convenience, instead of Should be limited. The need for feelings is centered on love. Sincere, warm and lasting love will make the other party get the most satisfaction. Otherwise, the sense of loss will arise spontaneously, and dissatisfaction, troubles and resentment will follow. The fifth kind of psychological need: When the proper venting of the lover is not happy, I always want to find someone to tell me something, and spit it out quickly. This kind of catharsis is of course the most ideal for your lover. Both husband and wife are the best targets for catharsis, so neither party should blame the other party for being narrow-minded or suspect that the other person is annoying. Instead, they should take the initiative to accept the other party’s venting, and further comfort, guide, and relieve their inner pain, so that the other party can be freed from the inner contradictions and establish a new psychological balance. This kind of inner pain will vanish and the relationship between husband and wife will be further strengthened. The sixth psychological need: the harmonious and harmonious sexuality of sexual desire can relax the marital relationship from the heart, but also bring physiological pleasure and happiness. If you have problems, you have to solve them. In this regard, men may encounter some obstacles, such as short intercourse time, the problem can solve the problem is TOR Tor 2 sex toys. This product can effectively extend the time of men’s sex, and will not harm health. As long as the man’s body does not suffer from organic diseases, he can strengthen his sexual intercourse ability with the help of TOR Thor 2, making sexual pleasure more lasting and more lingering. Guess what you like: How to make a marriage as rock-solid couples only take a scoop of love, husband and wife, new tricks, sexual intercourse, sex novels, one-night sex, love, demo, more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: Cn