Psychological factors of imperfect life in husband and wife

Intercourse is the natural instinct of human beings to enjoy the sex life, and the happiness that everyone wants. But because of many things, the sex life is not very pleasant. There are many people in a situation where sexual function is relatively poor, and this incident has led to emotional crisis in many couples. Although many people have various problems in their sexual life, according to statistics, except for sexual problems or problems caused by physical health or obstacles, most of the situations are caused by psychological or ideological factors. . To sum up, you can sort out the following points. In a city where the intense work mood is developing at a high speed, in a busy society, the intense work emotions that extend into life will affect the quality of sexual life. In a nervous atmosphere, because of emotions and body muscles can not relax and soothe, it is easy for men to have premature ejaculation or erection, and women can easily develop vaginal fistula or unable to reach orgasm when they are nervous. Fear is also one of the main causes of some sexual problems. Whether it is fear of pregnancy, fear of premature ejaculation, fear of sexually transmitted diseases, fear of being caught, fear of … … these fearful psychological factors can not only make you enjoy the sex life, but also cause problems in the house. The perfect idea in mind is whether it is influenced by the mass media or a passionate bed scene in a film or a movie. It seems to show that the house is so perfect, as if every time both parties can enjoy it, and no matter what. Time, place, and posture can all reach a climax together. Therefore, many people think that if there is no such good thing in my house, there is a problem. In fact, the physical and psychological conditions of each person are changing every day. The enjoyment of good sexual intercourse requires not only learning but sometimes meeting and not seeking. Therefore, the important thing in your sexual life is whether you can coordinate with each other, rather than pursuing perfection every time. Emphasizing the male’s majestic and arrogant emphasis on the male’s majestic and mighty ability to make the bed happy and happy, I don’t know how many men are normal. According to statistics in clinical medicine, the majority of men who think they have sexual dysfunction have normal sexual physiology. However, in the society, there are prevailing stimuli such as big, long, and long-lasting. These psychological problems will affect their performance in bed. Sexual knowledge lacks modern people’s exposure to “sex” There are many different media and channels for information. However, most of them accept the stimulation of sexual information rather than the knowledge and understanding of sexual knowledge. Therefore, in the absence of healthy and correct knowledge and concepts, there will be many problems and difficulties in intercourse. Having a happy and beautiful sex life is everyone’s hope and dream, but everyone has their own big or small problems in sex. When you are faced with these problems, if it is not the impact of physical health, then you should probably understand it psychologically. Sometimes the problem is solved only between the thoughts.