Marriage only takes “one scoop” love to the old

Marriage and love are complex things, but they are also very simple things, because only that person is the most suitable and best to be with you. It can be said that the husband and wife only take “a weak water”, and there is no need for a river. After entering a marriage and having their own person, the husband and wife must start a marriage and maintain their feelings. People who love each other can only learn to appreciate, and love can last for a long time. Learning to appreciate is an art of love, a mountain peak. “Looking at the side of the mountain into a peak, the distance is different.” For lovers, you should also learn to appreciate from multiple angles. Appreciating each other is largely a taste of detail. After all, the earth-shattering feelings between husband and wife are a minority, and more are ordinary life. This requires us to taste and appreciate, perhaps you will experience the husband’s affection from a small piece that the husband bought for you; maybe you will read the wife’s concern from the wife’s eyes. In addition, marriage needs to reach the realm of spiritual harmony, so sexual life is a problem that husband and wife can never ignore, and needs to be treated with caution. Whether or not sex is harmonious is directly related to the happiness and happiness of the couple. Therefore, almost all couples are trying their best to make the sex life full and satisfying. In fact, some seemingly harmonious sexual life has its drawbacks and hidden dangers. If you want to determine whether your sexual life is harmonious, you need to meet the following criteria. Standard 1: The link between sex and love does not separate “sex” from “love”. They insist on “soul” occupying a central position in sexual life and other fields. They regard sex life as an extremely important part of their relationship, and they are willing and committed to their own and each other’s sexual gratification. Standard 2: As long as you meet the happy and harmonious life, the husband and wife know that there is no absolute standard that everyone should abide by in sex life. There is no question of how to be right and how to be wrong. As long as the two sides are satisfied, it is sexual happiness. Standard 3: Shorten the gap and be more beautiful. A happy couple will also encounter the “gender gap”. The question, however, because their relationship is filled with a spirit of mutual satisfaction and satisfaction for each other, they will take the initiative to make up for the possible gap. Standard 4: Speaking of sex boldly There have been long-standing taboos about sex in society. Couples who have a very successful sex life will never regard each other as a god who can read the minds of others, but openly and openly discuss the sex life. They also know that it is not a mistake to hope that the other party or the parties can do a new behavior, movement, posture or manner. A perfect sex life requires communication and communication so as to avoid mistakes and better understand each other’s sexual needs before moving forward to the most happy and happy goals. Standard 5: The balance of sexual life In the sexual life, each party must pay and accept, both men and women need to serve each other and accept the other party’s services. A wonderful balance of mutual enjoyment, initiative and complete acceptance and acceptance between husband and wife will make their sexual life always happy for both parties. However, repetitive life is not good for health, and it is difficult to make the pleasure of sex life flow, which should attract the attention of both husband and wife.