Five factors that eliminate happy marriage

Marriage is not the tomb of love, but the testimony of the love of two people. But marriage is not as simple as love. Marriage is a matter of two families, so many things in marriage life will affect its stability, and even cause the couple’s emotional breakdown. “Seven-year itch” makes sense. According to the survey results, the Chinese people’s marital happiness is generally high. Among them, those who are 3 years old or younger feel “very happy” account for 81.3%, and the happiness index is the highest; the marriage age is 7 Of the 10 years of respondents, only 68.8% felt “very happy” with the lowest percentage. Within three years of marriage, the happiness of the couple will be higher. This is because the excitement of the first love, the sweet two-person world, and the new life plan all provide a positive stimulus for each other. However, as time goes by, marriage will usher in a “bottleneck period”, also known as the “seven-year itch”. At this time, there are old and small couples, life and work pressure, marriage life becomes boring, happiness. The feeling will be reduced. Therefore, the old wife should pay more attention to “marriage preservation”, care for each other, less complaints, pay attention to sex life, etc., and work together to cross the barrier of marriage. Extramarital affairs is the destruction of husband and wife life. Although some people hold “reservation opinions” on “extramarital affairs” and “third parties”, they believe that they can accept them without violating the interests of others. However, in the investigation, “derailment” is still the primary factor driving the public to generate divorce ideas, which is 17.5% higher than the “domestic violence” ranked second. In modern society, opportunities and temptations increase, and the risk factors for marriage increase accordingly. Therefore, people will feel that marriage is precious and loyalty is more important than ever. Short communication time is a major factor in the risk of marriage. “Communication, understanding and ability” is the second most important factor affecting the happiness of marriage, but in real life, more than half of the respondents (58. 9%) Chatting with your lover is less than an hour a day. The longer the marriage time, the more important communication and communication, so the old wife and wife should especially spend an hour each day chatting with their partners. They can squeeze out the communication time before going to bed, during meals, during work, and so on. In addition, you can express your feelings through body language, such as watching TV closer and walking. The contradiction between material and emotional influences Marriage Modern people are generally considered to be more and more heavy, but in fact, more than 60% of couples think that “there is more than money.” Even in the investigation of unmarried people who are in love, character, character, and feelings are the first factors to be considered by single people. Experts agree with this: “Marriage is a long-term process, and material can accumulate slowly, but the premise is that two people must have a proper personality and have an emotional basis.” Negative quarrels distance the distance between the two in the cause of the husband and wife quarrel The five ranks are life trivia, lifestyle habits, children, poor communication and money. Wang Yuru, president of the Shanghai Association for Psychological Counseling, said that when husband and wife lived, quarrels were inevitable, but the two sides accused each other and disagreed with each other’s views and left in anger. They were negative and vicious quarrels, which would make the distance between the two people farther and farther. A benign quarrel does not attack the other party. On the matter, after the quarrel, make a joke, give a gift, and resolve it in time.