Essential elements for husband and wife

The couple who are in love with each other will surely be able to love the whiteheads. This is the perfect state of marriage and the most powerful proof of the old man. However, there are always various factors of instability in a long marriage life, regardless of feelings, material, or sexual love. If couples are eager to join hands, they must have the following elements. The first element: intimate couples must be the most intimate pair. Intimacy includes the relationship between the two parties, and the coordination and thoughtful feelings. It has a consistent passion and is also different from each other. What is certain is that since you become a husband and wife, each other’s feelings and life are compatible, don’t separate each other, and don’t need to separate each other. To reach this realm, your marriage must be invulnerable. The second element: happiness in shared marriage is not unilateral, but something that is shared by each other. Enjoy the achievements of each other’s work, enjoy the feelings and warmth of each other, and enjoy the most sincere body of each other. This is something unique to the couple, and no other emotions can be enjoyed. The third element: tolerance, tolerance and understanding is the best medicine. Since you choose to be old with each other, you must be prepared to accept the other party’s mistakes; since you can join hands in the marriage hall, you must do a good job of killing your own edges and corners; since you are already together, you have already regarded each other as an indispensable part of your life. The element must know “love house and black”. In the face of contradictions, the husband and wife should do: discover his/her advantages, ignore the shortcomings; correct his own defects, and bring the advantages to the extreme; often communicate, reach the tacit understanding of the heart, and shut out all the drawbacks and shortcomings. The fourth element: a crisis of innovation and even a crisis can occur even if there is no crisis. Many people think that after the marriage, the other party has changed. In fact, no one has changed. They always face the lover and always live in a fixed way. They are both bored and tired. At the moment, couples need change and innovation. Women spend a little time thinking about dressing themselves up, let the fresh elements fill the whole family; men have to learn romance, is not a surprise to the lover. Remember, marriage is not the tomb of love. The real grave is the heart that you don’t think about progress and don’t change. Couples need more innovation and improvement. Perfect housework is achieved through constant innovation and improvement. Only by using more fresh elements to let couples experience the joy and satisfaction of sexual intercourse, can we ensure physical and mental fit and make marriage and emotions more stable. For more details, please pay attention to the Feihua Health Network’s gender channel: